Thursday, May 7, 2020


We went to Zootastic a couple of weeks ago. It's something we could do while staying in the car and "social distancing." We went on a Saturday around 12 haha! Looking back we should have known that wasn't the best time to go. We were in line, waiting to get in, for over an hour. Once we got in all the cars were bumper to bumper and some animals were not hungry or even interested in food by that time of day... but we still had a good time! I think next time we'll try to go first thing in the morning, on a week day, though.

We ended up taking some pics of each other just to kill some time while we waited. :) 

Here is a white peacock, a small ostrich or emu (?) and some antelope... well we think they are antelope. We're not super up to date on different types of animals. :D  

This little guy was so friendly and sweet! He (or she) was the first animal to walk up
to our van for food. The kids were so excited! We think this is the same 
one that came back by our van on the way out too. 

I loved the white buffalo! This one that came up to my side of the van seemed so sweet and cute (in a buffalo kind of way). There was another one who came up close on the other side that was the same way. Very friendly! We hated to move on but had to keep going after a few minutes. The buffalo and longhorn reminded me of Texas! My family lived on a friend's land with several longhorn for awhile when I was a kid and they were all such gentle giants. 

A little white llama


Another white llama. The expressions this one made while chewing just cracked us up! 

The kids were so excited to pet and feed a zebra... they were talking about 
it as soon as we got to the park.... but this zebra just looked at us 
and kept walking past our van. The kids were so disappointed. :( 

These poor things were pretty matted and dirty looking 
and some of them really needed a haircut. :( 

I'm guessing this is an antelope? Whatever it is we thought it looked so regal coming through the woods... almost like a mystical character or something haha. 

We thought this one was the first antelope (?) we fed when we got into the park.
 It probably was since we were circling back towards the front at this point. 
They both had a broken horn as well.

A cute little baby! 

This sweet lion walked right over to the side of the cage and looked right at us, almost like she was posing. I thought she had the sweetest face. I wish she had more space to roam. 

Over all we had a good time! I really loved the space most of the animals had and the 
kids had so much fun petting and feeding them! I was a little disappointed in the cages at the end and would love the see the lions, wolves and monkeys have more space but I'm sure that's much easier said than done. Overall we had a good time and will probably go back again! We also want to visit Lazy 5 Ranch soon! 


  1. I love animals. Would love to visit a place like this!

  2. This would be such a fun family activity, thanks for sharing!

  3. First of all, love the close up of thee Buffalo. I spent some time looking up where this is, might be worth a drivee down from NYC since we have so much time. But thanks for sharing, this was uplifting honestly. You are appreciated.

  4. Looks lovely. Animals are so fun to watch. This reminds me of the safari I went on in South Africa!