Hip Dysplasia & More

We thought we had parenthood all figured out until L came along! She has kept us on our toes since she was born! 

I know I mention various things L has gone through/is going through from time to time in my blog posts so thought I would explain a little more here. 

L was born with hip dysplasia which required a close reduction followed by four and a half months in a spica cast. You can read about how we found out she had hip dysplasia here. 

She also had torticollis, brachy and phaly as a baby and wore a Doc Band for several months. 

Finding Out Our Baby Had Hip Dysplasia 
Closed Reduction - Coming Soon
Hospital Stay - Coming Soon
Spica Cast - Coming Soon
Cast Change - Coming Soon
Rhino Brace - Coming Soon
Follow Up Appointments - Coming Soon

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