Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Top 5 Laughs

I'm linking up with Saturday Top 5 Laughs

1 - C asked for a pizza lunchable for lunch the other day. I made it for him, then made a eggs for myself. When I sat down to eat C said he wanted my eggs. I told him no. Then he said "I'm the pretend daddy and you're the sister (kid)" I said okay. And he says "Okay, you eat pizza and I eat eggs 'cause I'm the daddy and you're the kid." Ha!

2 - J has been begging to go fishing for several months now. She brought it up again the other night and we promised her we'll buy her a fishing pole and go fishing soon. She asked if we could eat the fish we catch and we told her yes. She was happy with that for a minute then she said "No, I don't want to eat a fish. I think it will bite my tongue when it's in my mouth." Haha!

3 - My husband asked C how old he was the other day and told him to hold up 2 fingers. C can not figure out how to hold up 2 fingers on his own. He held up one hand/all five fingers and said "Pick." Ha!

4 - Of course the kids have funny ways of pronouncing some words. J says "go-chin" instead of joking and "ass-ka-dent" instead of accident. So cute. :)

5 - The kids love to pretend they're going to Dallas. We took the train to the State Fair back in the fall so the kids pretend they're taking a train to Dallas. They'll gather up lots of toys, dolls, blankets, whatever and pile it on C's toddler bed and climb up there to sit down for the longest time. It's adorable. :) I'm so glad they can entertain each other so well.

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  1. Oh #1 is so cute. They are adorable when they pretend to be each other. Haha- I love that he said pick. THat is smart and cute:) I love how kids say words a certain way. I like how you said ass-k-dent,lol!