Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Top 5 Laughs

1 - The kids have been adding a "y" to the end of words or making up words the past few days. Chocolate is "chalky", toast is "toasty", sweets are "sweetsies", etc. Kind of cute. :)

2 - C always comments that girls' toys are for "girlies, not for boys." So funny. I love how he says "girlies."

3 - Today J and I were out shopping and she found a little child size Hello Kitty armchair that she wanted to buy. I told her not now, maybe later. She asked "Will you buy it for me when I'm sixteen?" Ha!

4 - J is super excited to have a new baby girl cousin who's name also starts with a J. Our J says her own name starts with a big J since she's big and her new cousin's name starts with a little j since she's little. :)

5 - Yesterday the kids went with my mom to a get together at her church. Afterwards I asked C if he had talked to one of my aunts at church. He said yes. I asked him what he said and he said [that he told her] "Hi." Ha! Quite the conversationalist.


  1. I love kid humor. They say the silliest things, but it makes total sense if you think about it! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Haha- too cute! WHen I was little, I used to add Y to my words too! LOL, will you buy it for me when I am 16:) Aw- too cute that she thinks like this will the same name! Too adorable! Love your laughs!

  3. LOL @ #5! He did talk to her...! I'm sure J will think of something much more important for you to buy her when she turns 16! Cute laughs, found you through the blog hop!