Saturday, June 29, 2013

Father's Day, Part 2 (A Day In The Country)

So, for the afternoon on Father's Day I took the kids and headed to my brother's house, with my family, while hubby stayed home to relax. My brother lives way out in the country. This was my kids first, big country experience. 

 J pushing little cousin J on the swing.

 Cousins pushing baby J on the swing.

 C in the sand box.

 This was C's first time climbing a tree!

My favorite pic of the day! C was SO excited to shoot a "real" gun. I think it's called a soft pellet gun or something.

 J taking a turn. That's my dad helping the kids.

 Cousins eating brownies and ice cream. Yum!

 They have horses on the property.

 I love the lighting in this pic of my nephew.

Cousins hanging out on the patio. They're just 2 months apart and so cute together. :)

We had such a fun, long, tiring day! The kids never stopped going. I think I could have left C there for a week and he wouldn't have missed us. Ha! He was having the time of his life! J missed her quiet time that day and was SO tired by the time we got home that she had a little melt down. She told me that she needed her quiet time every day because she was so, so tired. Ha! The kids made a ton of memories and even I enjoyed spending a day out in the country. It was really nice and relaxing.

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