Wednesday, July 31, 2013

catching up

Things have been crazy around here lately. And not in a good way. Ugh. (This is a loonng post.. just for my own memories. Feel free to skip!)

Three weeks ago C was sick for several days. High fever, listless, terrible cough, etc. His fever came and went after about day 3 so I canceled a doctor's appointment. (Is it just me or do all moms question and misjudge when to get a kid in to the doctor? I am always second guessing.) Then his fever came back big time that evening (of course). So, off to the doctor the next day.. a Saturday. He was on antibiotics for several days afterwards and let me tell you in was a battle getting his to take his medicine! Nasty smelling stuff. He did get pretty good at it once we bribed him with a toy surprise at the end of the week.

Two weeks ago my husband had the week off work and I started out the week feeling sick with migraines and a sore throat. I'm always sick when he's off work, it seems. He spent most of his time at home painting our living room. I ended up going to the doctor with signs of strep and got on an antibiotic (which I forgot to finish taking.. oops.. is it too late to finish now??) Anyway, I did get over the sore throat and hopefully the signs of strep are gone too.

And at the end of that week J got a fever and a cough. I figured I'd be mother of the year and get her straight to the doctor! Ha! That backfired. My husband actually took her in first thing the next morning but by that time her fever was gone and she had no sign of sickness whatsoever. Her little sickness lasted just a day while C's and mine went on for several days. Go figure.

Early last week wasn't too bad. Monday and Tuesday were lazy days at home. Wednesday and Thursday mornings I took the kids to an in home VBS thing one of our church friends was hosting for preschoolers. The kids had a blast both days! They were really looking forward to a swim party with their friends on Friday but I got really, really sick Thursday night and didn't get over it until late Saturday evening.

From Thursday afternoon through Saturday night I had migraines (again) and constant vomiting. (Sorry, TMI) I couldn't keep anything down, except a few popsicles, for 48 hours. I was feeling SO bad on Friday evening that I ended up in the ER. What a waste of time and money! Seriously. My husband and I sat in the packed waiting room for about 3 hours before I was taken to a little room. Let me say that 75% of those people in the waiting did not look like they needed to be there. One women seemed to have what I had. A couple others looked like they were in pain and out of it but SO many just sat around chatting and laughing with family members and friends. So annoying. Anyway, back in my ER room I got an IV which really did help my nausea quite a bit (but only while I was on the IV and for a few hours after until it wore off) but made my migraine WORSE. I also had an uncomfortable procedure done twice.. they had to redo it because they messed up they first time. But we did get to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time so that was nice. I did get a few prescriptions for vomiting and migraines.. which I needed refilled anyway.. but geez what an expensive way to get them filled! Looking back I wish we hadn't gone but at the time I guess we didn't know better. I felt SO bad. I don't think I will ever go back to the ER again unless I'm bleeding to death. I felt like I was going crazy being on an IV Friday night. I hated it. I remember waking up from ankle surgery years ago and feeling like I was about to lose my mind hooked up to all that IVs and cords and what not. I felt the same way in the ER Friday night. I'm wondering if it's morphine that has a funny effect on me because I don't get that "going crazy" feeling when I have IVs when I'm having my babies. I bet it's the morphine. Anyone else react that way??

By late Saturday night I was starting to feel better.. the migraine went away and I was able to eat a tiny bit. A few bites of applesauce felt like a feast by then! Sunday was better and Monday even better and Tuesday even better. I'm SO happy to be feeling almost back to normal! And I'm thankful that, so far at least, no one else has caught what I had. I have no idea if I had food poisoning or a virus or what but it was terrible and combined with a migraine it was even worse, of course.

Unfortunately the starter on my Pilot just went out a few days ago. My mom had the kids and my car and barely made it back to our house before it died altogether. My husband is in the process of repairing it now. Then, just yesterday our dryer went out! Lovely. When it rains it pours, I guess.

Hopefully things will start looking up soon! I'm ready to feel good again! The summer is more than half over and the poor kids have barely been to the pool! We definitely need to get to the pool as much as we can the rest of the summer!! I'm actually ready for fall though and looking forward to the kids starting mother's day out and getting back into a routine. And, of course, cooler weather and we'll be that much closer to the baby coming.

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