Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Ramblings

My husband in on vacation this week. Wouldn't you know it.. I'm sick and feeling awfully crappy this week. I swear, at least 50% of the time, I'm feeling bad when he's on vacation. Poor guy. And he's spending his time at home trying to finish painting our living room and tend to the kids while I'm resting.

Last week C was really sick. He had a fever for 2-3 days, a cough and a terrible sore throat. He didn't even want to eat or couldn't eat for a while there. We were begging him to eat lollipops, popsicles, cookies... anything... but he kept refusing it all. His throat was hurting *that* bad. It was awful to see him so sick. I finally got him to the doctor and he's been on a couple prescriptions for several days. Both prescriptions smell disgusting and he hates them both! Poor guy. It took a LOT of bribing to get him to start taking his medicine without a fight and without spitting it back out. We promised him a fun new toy at the end of the week if he keeps taking his medicine well. Luckily, that seems to be working and he's also feeling a lot better now.

I must have caught something from him because the lymph nodes in my neck were really swollen. Still are but not quite as bad. The inside of my throat was all swollen too and driving me up the wall. I almost decided that it was all allergies and skipped going to the doctor but luckily I went in yesterday and I'm on a prescription for strep now. My main problem this week, though, is stupid migraines. Thankfully they've gone away fairly quickly every day but then they come back the next day. Sooo annoying. A few months ago I found out about a place in Houston called Reed Migraine Center (see They offer a procedure where they install a permanent stimulator under your scalp and a battery placement in your upper hip. All this should result in greatly reduced migraines. I've talked to several women (at a women's expo where the procedure was advertised) who have had the procedure done within the past few years and it was life changing for them. Anyway, I'm really really really considering this procedure after my baby is born. I'm not sure of insurance coverage or cost, etc but I'm thinking I will move heaven and earth to get this procedure. Yes, it sounds extreme but when you've suffered from chronic migraines for over half of your life you will consider almost anything. I've also talked to a few women who have had botox in hope of preventing migraines but it didn't work at all, or didn't work for long, for them so that option is out for me.

On a totally different subject I'm so excited about getting our house all painted... slowly but surely... and decorating once and for all. We have a long way too go. We still have the dining, kitchen, 2 baths and 3 bedrooms that need to be painted but even a little progress is nice.

I'm SO excited to find out what we're having in, hopefully, just 4 weeks or so. I'm anxious to incorporate a nursery area into J or C's room and tie the baby decor in with the older sibling's room. J is completely convinced we're having a girl. Ha! Any ideas on girl names would be appreciated. I thought I had a name picked out but I think I want to keep looking for something else. I'm looking for a long, girly name that can have a cute little nickname with it. Any ideas? There's several I love but nothing feels right OR the name is already taken by a relative, friend or acquaintance. Choosing names, especially girl names, can be complicated. Boy names are easier for us for some reason. There's one that I am set on and a few others I could compromise with if my husband doesn't fall in love with my favorite.

In other news I'm hosting a Scentsy catalog party through the end of the month. I will have a post up tomorrow about the wonderful Scentsy products I'm loving! I'm hosting the party through distributor Kim Hawkins over at Faith, Grace & Giggles. If you have any questions feel free to comment here or contact Kim directly. Man, there's one Scentsy scent in particular that I am LOVING.. but more on that tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!

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  1. We have the opposite problem with names. Girl names were always super easy, but boy names were difficult. This baby STILL doesn't have a name if it's a boy! We actually argued the boy name while I was pushing Lily out, and I have a feeling it's going to be the same this time.
    I'm like you...I love long, girly names with cute nicknames!