Friday, January 10, 2014

37 Weeks!!

I had this whole post written out and even published on my blog but for some reason that post had a glitch in it and was messing up my entire blog. So, I had to delete the whole thing and start over. 

Anyway, I can't believe I'm already 37 weeks! At this point in my first two pregnancies I had just a week to go until I delivered. I had high blood pressure at the end of my first two pregnancies and was induced, with both, right at 38 weeks. I'm thankful that my blood pressure is fine now but I'm also anxious to see when, and how, this baby will arrive. The doctor thinks it could be any time which makes me nervous. I've never gone into labor on my own. I'm due on the 31st but I'll be induced a few days earlier if I make it that far. 

It's crazy to me that exactly 5 years ago I was on bed rest with J and she would be born in about 2 weeks. She was due February 5, 2009 and born on the January 23rd. This baby is due on the 31st but will be born earlier.. one way or another. I'm just hoping to avoid J's birthday and several other family birthdays that are this month. 

Last week I made a list of things I still need to do and buy. I'm slowly chipping away at it and getting things done, and bought, little by little. My list looks like this now: 


- Have car detailed

- Re install baby carseat & base

Wash baby's going home outfit

Wash newborn and 0-3 clothes 

Wash towels and blankets

- Wash Rock N Play cover

Wash boppy cover

- Pack diaper bag

- Pack my hospital bag

- Pack big kids' bags for night at grandma's

- Wash and wrap "Big Brother" and "Big Sister" shirts



Health kit

- Wash rags


- Formula

- Bottle drying rack & accessory 

- Pacifiers

- Snap N Go stroller

- Swing or Mamaroo

- Baby book

- Figure out "big brother" and "big sister" gifts, buy them, wrap them

We still have a lot to do but we're getting there. I think we'll get the car detailed and the carseat & base re-installed this weekend. We're also hoping to rearrange, clean and organize our room a bit and get it already for the new baby in the next few days. 

I was able to accurately determine the personalities of J and C before they were born just by their movements and what we saw them doing in the sonograms. J moved a lot and seemed anxious to get out! She would jump around and seemed like she had such a little temper. I correctly guessed that she would be a go getter, have a temper and have plenty of spunk. And man, she does! When she was born she was mad. It was funny! It took her quite a while to settle down and when she did her eyes were wide open and she was taking in everything. Everyone was amazed at how alert she was. 

C, on the other hand, was very calm in the womb. I thought he would be very laid back and easy going and he is. He was born, barely cried and went right to sleep. Ha! 

This baby girl's movements have always been so calm and easy going. In the sonograms we've seen she's always moving slowly and calmly. It's really cute. So, I'm pretty anxious to see if I've pegged her personality accurately like I did with the other two. I totally *get* J. She and I are exactly a like.. it's scary. But if I'm guessing correctly with this baby her personality is going to be very, very different than mine. It'll be interesting to see.  Here are a few more 3D sonogram pics from around 30 weeks. I think her face is so pretty and calm looking.

I love how she's sticking her tongue out here. We have this part on video too and it's so cute. :) 

How far along: 37 weeks! 

Due Date: Jan. 31, 2014

Total Weight Gain/Loss: About 30 lbs now. :/ 

Maternity clothes: Of course

Stretch marks: I got a few during my second pregnancy but haven't gotten any more with this one.

Sleep: Not too good and I'm always exhausted. 

Symptoms: Tired, moody, anxious, heartburn, achy

Food cravings: Still craving ice water and ice!  

Food aversions: Sweets still aren't sounding as great as they normally do. 

Labor signs: Dilated to 2 cm and 75% effaced (if you care to know.) The doctor thinks I could go into labor at any time. I've had cramping off and on and braxton hicks are becoming more frequent.  

Belly button - in or out? Neither.  

What I miss: Being able to sleep, not having a stuffy nose, being able to actually lean over my plate and eat, not having heartburn. But, I wouldn't change any of it for the world. :) 

What I am looking forward to: Meeting our sweet baby girl and deciding for sure on her name! And watching the big kids meet the baby for the first time! :)  

Movement: She moves quite a bit but I can tell she's running out of room.  

Milestones: I'm down to the last few weeks! I think 37 weeks may be considering "full term" too.

How big is baby: (According to Baby Center)Your baby weighs 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel (about the size of a bunch of Swiss chard). 

Gender: It's a GIRL!!! :) 

Names: I've actually been debating two first names for months now. I've been leaning towards the name hubby prefers but the other name won't get out of my head. Ha! I told my husband we'll have to wait and see the baby before we can decide 100% on the first name. I *think* the middle names are set though. 

Best moment(s) last week: Having a great appointment! Feeling the baby kick and move around. Hearing her heartbeat. :) 


  1. OMG. You're on the home stretch now! Don't worry too much about your to-dos and take it as easy as possible. :)
    The Grass Skirt

  2. Can't wait to see photos of you all holding your sweet baby girl :) I'm so excited for you all Karen !!