Monday, July 2, 2018

Florida, Vow Renewal

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 We had our long awaited 10 year vow renewal on the beach while we were in Florida!
My Wedding Shop in PCB set everything up for us! Beautiful décor and we couldn't have been happier! 

These are a just few cellphone pics taken by friends and family. I will share the official photos soon! 

Water bottle labels were ordered off Etsy. These labels were awesome, easy to put on and held up great even in the ice! 

 Alex and Mar before the service. 

 I loved Mar's dress! This was the second dress I had picked out for her. I had originally ordered this one for the little girls too but decided to return their's and go with something simpler and cooler for them.. especially with Indie's sensory issues. All the dresses and wreathes are from Amazon.

The sign says "10 Years Later". We got a late start and photos
were kind of rushed but the sunset was amazing! 

 Sol, Mar and Indie 

Indie looking cute holding one of our bouquet's (ordered from Publix.) Thank goodness curly hair is so forgiving ha! We didn't have a bathtub in our Airbnb and she wouldn't even begin to let me wash her hair in the shower or sink. This is after a long day of travel and two days at the beach. 

We didn't have a wedding ten years ago so all this planning was new to me. It's crazy to plan something for so long and then it's over so quickly! Everything turned out beautifully and I can't wait to share more pics soon! 

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