Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday Favorites

I'm linking up to Friday Favorites today! 

First off, I adore the font on the Friday Favorites graphic! Anyone know which font that is? 

I'm re-reading another book from my own collection right now by one of my all time favorite authors. Mary Higgins Clark is a favorite and I love to re read her books from time to time. After a year or two I honestly forget who did what in most of her books and definitely forget most of the details so they're fun to read again!  

 The guys spent a few days in Texas, visiting friends and family, this week! This was Bleu's first time to fly! They had a great time and a well deserved break from all of us girls ha! 

 The girls and I had a lot of fun here at home! After we dropped the boys off we went to Build A Bear to use the vouchers we got on pay-your-age day. 

Mar and Sol went to VBS several days this week. On Wednesday they wanted to wear their overalls. I found Sol's Gap overalls at Goodwill last weekend! I love my Goodwill finds! Mar's overalls are from Wal-Mart. 

It was nice just having Indie with me for 3 hours a day, several days this week. It's amazing how relaxing it can be with a two-year-old when she's the only one around. I was really proud of her Sunday evening. She sat in the bottom of this shopping cart (something she's never done before) without hesitation! Good milestone for a 2 yr old who freaks out all the time over new or different things! Then she ran down an empty church pew a few times while we waited to pick up the big girls from VBS. Another good milestone as she tends to be afraid of heights/ledges and feels like she's about to fall pretty often. I was also pleased to see her running in a straight line since she tends to be off balance and clumsy pretty often due to hip dysplasia and sensory issues. She was really pleased with herself! 

 All three girls wanted to sleep in my bed while the guys were out of town. I woke up during the night one night and found them like this (notice Indie's foot on Sol's chest!) and had to get a pic! 

 We went to a friend's birthday party Wednesday afternoon. Indie loved the little chalkboard/magnet board. I think something like this will be a great birthday gift for her in October! 

I've gotten in the habit of driving around the neighborhood on trash day looking for treasures. (#noshame) This crib spring was one of my best finds yet! I've been wanting one to hang up for a while. This one looks perfectly new (maybe too new!) but I can rough it up a bit to give it a shabby look. I'm tickled pink with it and just trying to decide where to hang it now. Of course Pinterest has the cutest ideas!

Indie asked me to get her snow boots down the other day then insisted on wearing them to drop the big girls off at VBS and run errands. I asked her if she was 'sure she wanted to wear them because they're a little ridiculous in July'. She replied: "They not rick-less! I wuv dem!" Haha!

She was excited to get her own water from Starbucks while running errands! I think it was too cold for her but she seemed really pleased to have her own cup from Starbucks. :) 

This was just part of our fun, busy week!! The guys had a great trip and got home last night! We're glad to have them home! J is home today and running errands with all 4 kids at the moment. Meanwhile I need to tackle my mile long to do list including cleaning, organizing (I still have tons of organizing to do from our move in June) and I need to finish painting the patio table I got for free. I'll post about that project soon! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

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  1. Very fun week for your and the girls! That crib spring would make a fun photo holder!