Friday, August 31, 2018

busy week

We have had such a busy, busy week and I haven't really taken that many pictures. 
I got a free Graze box in the mail a few days ago. The mixes were delicious!! 

My birthday was a few days ago and I spent the morning at the DMV renewing my license. Then we met friends at Chik-Fil-A for lunch and met Indie's new occupational therapist when she came by that afternoon. She's super sweet and Indie really liked her! 

My oldest made the birthday banner for me and made a variety of sandwiches for herself and the other kids for dinnner. Alex made me scrambled eggs with cheese. They did all this while I was laying down with a migraine and called me to come downstairs when it was ready. They also had Toby Mac (their favorite!) music playing on YouTube. It was so cute and sweet! 

J works a late shift and didn't get home until 9:30. He surprised me 
with this delicious Oreo ice cream cake after work!

Thursday morning poor Sol had to go to the dentist to have 2 cavities filled. It wasn't fun and she 
cried through half the procedure. I had to hold her hands down part of the time. :( Thankfully she
bounced back quickly. Unfortunately she has two more upcoming visits within the next month or so.
I asked about putting her under next time but that seems a little over the top. They said she could take Valium but that could make her sleepy and out of it for the whole day which I know she would hate. I guess we'll just try the laughing gas again next time and hope it goes a little smoother. She's looking forward to getting a "fancy" toothbrush that she can decorate with stickers after her next appointment. :) We stopped by McDonalds for a strawberry shake after her appointment on Thursday. 

I don't remember McDonald's shakes being this fancy when I was a kid. 
This looks like a pink frappucino!

 We went to the pool a couple afternoons this week. The kids are still
having so much fun with the watermelon float.. if they're not fighting over it ha!

Indie will sit on this thing, all by herself, and float around the pool! This child has made a complete turn around since the beginning of summer! I'm sure I've said it before but the pool is like therapy for her. We are so amazed at all the progress she's made since early June. 

We have a busy weekend coming up and an even busier week, next week, 
with fall activities starting up again! 

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  1. Happy Birthday! My middle son has braces and the procedures can be painful so we've taken to stopping for milkshakes on the way home too. He swears it helps with the pain and takes that metallic taste out of his mouth. Hope the next visit goes a bit smoother.