Tuesday, January 29, 2019


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We're planning our first trip to Disney this fall! We've been promising the kids a trip to Disney for years and this fall seems like the perfect time! Honestly, I'm not a huge Disney fan myself and I haven't been that excited about it. I even tried to convince the kids to go on a non-Disney cruise instead but at least 2 weren't going to be swayed ha! So we're planning a week long trip to Florida with 2 days at Disney, 1 day at Lego Land and a couple days at the beach or just hanging out. Two days at Disney might sound far too short for some but I think that will be about all we can handle.. especially for our first trip.

I love planning vacations (I'm already planning the trip we hope to go on next year too ha!) so I'm already gathering all the info I can. Our goal is to budget while seeing as much as we can during 2 days at Disney. I've gotten lots of advice both ways but we're leaning towards park hopper tickets. Magic Kingdom is a must! The guys have to see Star Wars at Hollywood Studios and it really sounds like a really fun park to me too. I think we'll all enjoy it. I've heard great things about Epcot and Alex is dying to do some space stuff (?) over there. One suggestion I've gotten is to head to one park early in the morning, back to the Airbnb (hopefully we find one really close!) for lunch and relaxing. Then back to a second park around dinner time. From what I hear I think 3-4 parks is doable in two days.. but maybe that's crazy.. I don't know. We aren't huge on rides but plan to get fast passes.

Anyway, I would love any and all tips for Disney!! What shows are must sees? Best time of day to be at a park? Budget friendly ideas? (We are planning to bring our own food in.) Best places to watch fireworks? Any quiet places to sit and relax for while? Suggestions on gift shops outside of Disney where we can get fun Disney stuff at a bargain?

We have a 3 year old girl who loves Minnie and horses! A tomboy 5 year old girl who likes Princess Belle, really loves Lilo and Stitch and loves turtles. An 8 year old boy who likes Star Wars, science and all things boyish. A 10 year old girl who is kind of outgrowing the little kid stuff but will probably love a little of everything! Suggestions on things each might like would be great!? And suggestions on what to avoid?

Obviously I have tons of questions! I guess I am getting a little excited about it ha! Even if I'm not a huge Disney fan it'll be fun watching the kids experience it and I suspect I may enjoy it a lot more than I think I will!


  1. I have not been to Disney since I was a kid! Good luck though - I am sure you will get tons of tips from blogger friends! Have a fantastic week and I hope your trip planning is stress-free!

  2. I call myself a Disney expert! You have a lot of different ages of kids but here's what I think. Minnie you can get in any of the parks. Lilo and Stitch can be met at a character breakfast at the Polynesian if you're into that! It's a great way to meet characters without lines. Definitely more expensive then bringing food, which we also do! Belle has a little show in the Magic Kingdom that is cute and there is a Beauty and the Beast on stage show in Hollywood Studios. There is Turtle Talk with Crush and an aquarium in Epcot. Star Wars is basically in Hollywood Studios. I think by then the whole Star Wars land will be open. We did Hollywood Studios in only a half day but we're not into Star Wars. Magic Kingdom and Epcot can be much longer, like 2 days each if you want to see it all! I definitely would say go to the parks early, you'll get a ton done in that early morning time. When we go we use the whole day up in the parks. Like straight from early to late!