Monday, February 11, 2019

Hello Monday

Please enter my giveaway.. there's just a few hours left! This is my first giveaway in several years. I'm a little rusty so hope I'm doing it okay but there are three, very easy mandatory entries. Please do all three to enter. 

Keep in mind even if you don't have a baby or baby on the way these are great, gender neutral items that would make a perfect baby gift for someone else! Thank you so much!! 

We had a crazy week last week and a crazy weekend. Every single person in this family has been sick in the past 7 days so we've been pretty much shut in for quite a while now.

Alex had the flu for days. I started getting the flu a few days ago. J and the girls all had a bit of stomach virus but bounced back pretty quickly. I spent all day yesterday in bed. It honestly wore me out just to sit up in bed, watch a show on my laptop and play a game on my phone. I'm feeling a little better today. I managed to get Alex to school on time this morning and haven't gone back to sleep since. Hopefully I'm past the worst of it. Indie is the one (of course) who had both the stomach virus and flu like symptoms. Poor child always gets the worst of it. Thankfully her stomach virus didn't last too long at all and her flu like symptoms don't seem nearly as bad as what Alex and I have had but she's very congested and gets pretty miserable even though she's been up playing, watching movies and eating pretty well. Praying that we all recover quickly! Frankly, I'm sick of feeling like crap and being stuck at home and it breaks my heart to see Indie so miserable. :(

Alex got his glasses last week. Even though he's still getting headaches he thinks the glasses are helping. I guess it may take awhile to see a big improvement. He's been drinking Gatorade every day and I've been trying to give him magnesium powder in a drink once a day. All this sickness has thrown us off but I'm thinking he needs an allergy med, magnesium, multi-vitamin and a B12 vitamin. He probably needs to get off dairy and gluten too but that's so much easier said than done. Both dairy and gluten effect me so I'm thinking he could have a sensitivity as well....

Besides being sick nothing much is going on around here. Alex and J are getting Alex's Pinewood Derby car ready for the race on Saturday! They're planning to sand and paint the car tonight. They still need to get decals and weights.

I never thought I'd say it but I'm totally obsessed with Disney at this point ha! I've joined a group for Disney tips and planning. I have a Disney list on Amazon of all the things I want to buy before our trip. We aren't going to Disney until November but I'm a planner!

Hope everyone has a great Monday and I would really appreciate it SO much if you would enter my giveaway!! Thank you!!

I'm linking up with Hello Monday today!!

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  1. I tried to enter and could not! I love the baby bear hat you are giving away - adorable!