Monday, March 18, 2019

Hello Monday

I'm linking up with Hello Monday today!! A lot has happened since I blogged last!

Last weekend (March 8-10) we went to the beach with friends! It was a short trip but so much fun and much needed after a long winter. The weather on Sunday was absolutely perfect! I'll post more pics in the next few days.

Our washing machine broke, mid cycle, a few hours before we left for the beach. I had to leave a full load of clothes sitting in water while we were gone. We bought a washer the day we got back from the beach but just got it hooked up on Saturday (almost a week later) because we've been so busy. The girls and I went to the laundry mat Tuesday and washed/dried four huge loads of laundry. L was excited to help push the clean laundry to the car. :) I'm so glad to have a washing machine again! You don't know what you miss until you don't have it.

The girls and I went to McDonalds for lunch on Friday. This expression sums up Izzy so well! She's so mischievous.

We finally got new bikes for both big kids!! They're so excited! They actually both taught

themselves how to ride a bike in one day this past weekend! I feel bad that it took us so long to get them bikes but glad we didn't wait any longer. I know they'll have so much fun on them this summer! 

S was just accepted into a dual immersion program for kindergarten at a local elementary school! We're so excited! I plan to start G on Dualingo this week! J and I both wish we had started teaching the kids Spanish when they were babies. We really have no excuse. Spanish is J's first language and I speak quite a bit myself but for some reason (pure laziness) we've never taught the kids. I've also started on Dualingo for review this past weekend and really want to commit to using the Spanish I know around the kids consistently. 

L (3) loves falling asleep in her new bed! Of course I have to lay down beside her to get her to fall asleep but she's been sleeping in her bed about the half the night the past several nights. I'm so proud of her! Meanwhile, S (5) has yet to fall asleep on her new top bunk! She still insists on sleeping in our bed. We've going to take the bunk bed apart and have twin beds side by side instead. Hopefully S will be more open to sleeping in a twin bed next to L.

C's usually one of the last ones to be picked up from school every afternoon and he's usually sitting here on bench, reading a book, when I pull up. I love that the older two kids are such bookworms! I hope S and L will love to read as much as G and C do.

Our calendar is filling up with all the spring activities! C went to archery Saturday with his Trail Life group then had his first baseball practice of the season. G has a lock-in coming up with her American Heritage Girls group next weekend. The following weekend all three girls have a dance recital. We have a camping trip, field trip, soccer and more coming up. It's busy but I love this time of year! Spring always puts me in a great mood!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!


  1. Sounds like a lot has been happening and glad you're doing well!

  2. We had our washing machine break (mid load!) last month and ended up spending a full week without our washer... we too ended up at the laundromat! It's amazing how much more work that adds.