Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Myrtle Beach, Day 1

We had such a great time in Myrtle Beach with friends! We didn't get away until around 7 that Friday evening and got in around midnight but luckily our friends our night owls and didn't seem to mind

The kids didn't sleep 4 in a row but I had to get a pic of them all laying side by side! I asked C if he was happy to be at the beach and he said he was happy to be at the beach but not happy to be in a bed with three girls haha! 

 Our friends had a yummy breakfast for us Saturday morning!

After breakfast we headed to the heated pools! L went right in, all by herself, right after I put her puddle jumper on! I'm so glad! The past couple summers have been crazy with her sensory issues but by the end of last summer she was doing amazing! I had been a little worried that we might have to start all over this summer but looks like she's a little fish for life! I hope so! 

S had a lot of fun too!

I just love the "3" in the pic since L is three ha! She loved playing on the steps with her little buckets. 

The big kids LOVED the water slides! I think they could've stayed all day! S actually went down with my friend twice and then (I was shocked!) but L wanted to go down with my friend too. I couldn't believe it! She hit her head at the end when she was standing up so she didn't want to go again but I was so impressed that she wanted to go at all! She loves our friend so much that she only wanted to go with her and not with me. Haha! 

After the pools we went back up to the condo for lunch then headed down to the beach. It was freezing on Saturday but the kids had fun looking for shells, shark teeth and building sand castles.

We didn't stay on the beach for a super long time Saturday. We came back after an hour or so for naps and quiet time while J and G ran to Wal-Mart for stuff to make tacos and a few other things. J made the best tacos for dinner that evening!

This is the view from the our friends' window.. looking to the left a bit! Such a beautiful view to wake up to!!

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