Monday, April 6, 2020

Week 3 (or is it 4?) In Quarantine

This week hasn't been too different than last week or the week before that but we're all still enjoying the time at home! Have I mentioned how much I love sleeping in every day and not having to go anywhere!? 

 Last week the kids washed rocks. This week they've been painting rocks! 

I'm so thankful that we've had such beautiful weather the last few weeks! We spend tons of time outside every day that's nice out! I know all the outdoor time is great for the kids and great for me too. Being outdoors helps my mood and outlook so much! 

I found L painting rocks in this position haha! Cracks me up how she can sit like this! She had hip dysplasia as a baby and has hyper mobility (like a lot of hip babies) so she is super flexible! 

Right before we went in for the evening we found L painting rocks again with paint everywhere! Look at all that black paint on her leg! Her expression is so funny here.. kinda like she knows she's been caught ha! 

The older girls did more chalk designs yesterday! This took like 5 brand new pieces of chalk and then they ran out and couldn't finish it..

I cleaned out part of the garage yesterday and then needed to sit down and rest. L decided she needed to rest too. Cracks me up! She wanted her little pool float behind her back and her feet up on this container ha! 

The little girls had a blast rubbing their hands in dirt yesterday.. 

they said it made their hands really soft ha! 

Can you spy C in the tree? 

The little boy across the street comes over almost every day to play with C and the girls. C loves having another boy to hang out with and our neighbor is an only child so I know he loves having other kids to play with. He is the ONLY person we have been around for weeks.. otherwise both his family and our family stays home so I feel like it's fine for him to come over and play. I'm sure all the fresh air and sunshine help kill germs too! Today the boys were up in the tree and doing something with cardboard boxes. They always have so much! J and the boys have been videoing each other a lot lately and dying to start a YouTube channel. I feel like we definitely need a great editing program (free if possible!) before they start posting all this stuff on YouTube. If anyone knows of anything please let me know! 

I found J sitting in the little kids' wagon this evening. I thought it was cute. :) 

I tried to make a face mask from an old pair of leggings a few days ago. Big fail! But L loves to wear it around the house sometimes. :) 

L has been thriving at home as I know many kids with SPD are. Being home with no changes in her routine, having her daddy and siblings home 24/7 seems to really be a great thing for her! 

She learned to take off and put on a shirt within the last week! I honestly can't remember how old the other kids were when they started doing this but it seems like L learned a bit later than they did. She came downstairs one day last week fully dressed.. I couldn't believe it! This was the first time she ever put a shirt on by herself. :) Nevermind the crazy hair and mixed matched clothing. 

I've also had her start working on preschool books several days a week. I think this is really helping her fine motor skills and helping her control her pencil better. This is the book she's working on above. This book is so cute and full of stickers and different activities! Looks like Amazon has several books in the same series as well.. and there is even a little Bible book.

I'm just amazed by the improvement she's shown in just the last week. These two drawings are both of rainbows (and the sky and people) and she drew them just a week apart. She seems to have much better control on her pencil in just this short amount of time. 

Last weekend. 

And today! Look at the difference! 

My feelings may change but right now I'm feeling more and more confident in my decision to homeschool her from kindergarten on. She's thriving with all her siblings at home 24/7 and already shown improvement with the little bit of preschool work I've been doing with her. Things are never predictable with L so all this may change but right now I'm just really excited with the huge steps she's taken since we've been in quarantine! 

She's gone down to almost no meltdowns and improved so much in skill since we've all just been staying home together. I know all the change in routine that we normally have is really hard on her. While I'm excited that she's doing so well right now I am a little concerned about how she'll adjust when everything goes back to normal. 

Besides all the outdoor time I've also gone through two huge totes of old mail and papers and have shredded bags and bags full of stuff! We thought R might enjoy playing in the shredded papers but she just jumped right back out ha! I had to hold her still for a quick pic. 

We heard today that they will start clearing lots on our side of the street where we're building! So exciting!! My husband recently bought some tools and wants to start making furniture. I decided I will have to have a built in shelf, similar to this one from Pinterest, in our family room upstairs. We plan to put a couch and TV up there but it will also be our homeschool room so a shelf like this will be amazing to tuck away bins of books and papers! 

I'm linking up with Hello Monday again today! 


  1. Love your positivity through all this, and I really enjoyed seeing your life in photos. :) Excited to have a new blogger friend to follow.

  2. It's amazing how quickly they can gain skills something isn't it? Just when I'm ready to throw in the towel and think my boys aren't learning anything they show tremendous growth and progress.

  3. It looks like everyone is doing well. Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's!