Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Strangely enough I think my family and I are all enjoying being at home together during quarantine. I tend to be a homebody anyway and am really LOVING the break from school drop offs and pick ups and all the extra activities the kids are in every week. The kids are having fun being at home too! I asked them yesterday where they want to go as soon as we're able to get out again and none of them could even think of anything.. until the older three decided they kind of miss going to school. I think a break is good for all of us.. I just wish it wasn't under such tragic circumstances. 

Thankfully we've had several beautiful days the last few weeks so the kids have been able to spend hours playing outdoors! 

The kids have been riding bikes... 

 drawing with chalk...

blowing bubbles...

.. they played in the sprinkler one afternoon.... 

Our neighbors were getting rid of this pink blow up hammock chair and the kids

have been having SO much fun with it! 

The dogs have been loving all the outdoor time and extra attention too! 

Saturday we went down to our lot where we'll be building. The kids have fun playing around this big fallen tree. Looks like it's been down for quite a while. We also tied ribbons around the living trees we want to keep when they start clearing the lot.

The two oldest kids have been great at keeping up with their school work at home! S isn't thrilled with the Spanish work she has to do or the daily class meetings on Zoom but she is staying caught up! L had her first (and probably only) remote occupational therapy meeting yesterday. It was kind of fun for her but definitely not nearly as good or beneficial as a true therapy session so I don't think we'll be doing it again. I found several little preschool workbooks for her at Dollar Tree and she's been working on those the past couple days. She's doing really good and loves having school work to do! 

Today is chilly and overcast and I'm having an awful time trying to stay awake haha! I think I need Starbucks! 

I'm linking up with Hello Monday today. 

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  1. Ohhh how I miss going outside with the kids all the time. We are in an apartment right now. Thankful for our little balcony. :)