Monday, January 7, 2013

Biggest Loser Challenge

I'm linking up with The Java Mama for the Biggest Loser Challenge!

I need to lose about 40 lbs.

I'm about 5'5 tall. I'm kind of big boned so I'm guessing my ideal weight would be between 130-140.

I've struggled with my weight since I was about 12. My problem: I love to eat and cannot get motivated.. and stay motivated... to exercise. My weight has really crept up the past few months. We're kind of trying/not preventing for baby #3 and I know I HAVE to lose quite a bit of weight before getting pregnant again.

Current weight: Between 175-179lbs

Weight before Kid 1: 145ish

Weight before Kid 2: 155ish

Weight after I stopped breastfeeding Kid 2: 165 and it's crept up from there over the last year & a half.

Goal Weight: 140

I've already started drinking lots of water every day. I'm going to step that up. I'm also really going to watch what I eat and write down every last thing that I eat or drink. I'm thinking I'll start walking several times a week for exercise.

Wish me luck and feel free to link up over at The Java Mama!


  1. Stopping in from the link-up. Good luck! Keep your eyes on your goal and think about how amazing you will feel and look in Mach!

  2. Good luck! I look forward to doing the challenge with you :)

  3. One of the things that boosted my weight loss was if I put it in my mouth, I documented the calories. Good luck doll!

  4. Good luck! I know that all of us together motivating each other will help us succeed!

  5. I'm here from the link-up! So excited to be on this journey with you! Keep up the great attitude - we can do this!

    Miranda :)

  6. I'm popping in from the link up. I quit smoking 3 years ago, and it seems like that's when my weight really started creeping upward. We're both going to stop that creeping though, aren't we?

    Wish you the best on this journey!

  7. Coming over from linkup!!! SO proud of you and WE can do this!!!!:)

  8. Stopping by from the Biggest Loser Linkup : ) You have the same goal weight that I do! I am excited to be doing this. I feel like it will help keep me accountable. Good luck!