Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day

 I finally got my long awaited camera this Valentine's Day! I'm so excited to have it! I also got some beautiful pink tulips from my sweetie! Tulips are my all time fav. They're a lot prettier in person than here.

 Thursday afternoon the kids and I went up to J's preschool class for a Valentine's Day party. C participated with the class and had so much fun!

 Earlier in the week we had friends over to decorate Valentine's cookies. The kids had a blast!

And baking cookies in the morning. My pics always upload backwards so these are out of order.

Don't you love how C is really concentrating while rolling out the dough? I love his face there!


  1. Your tulips are beautiful. He did a good job. ;) It looks like the kids enjoyed the Valentine party, too. You had a successful week.


  2. Cute pictures! We didn't really do anything for valentines day...we had a "fancy" drink...fizzy lemonade but that was about it. :) I should do some cookies with Marlee!