Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, after 3 whole weeks of no migraines the stupid headaches came back full force (five in a day and a half!) over the weekend. Grrr. So annoying! I did not miss these migraines. Anyway, I'm hoping these are hormonal. Different things cause migraines... anything from diet, not enough sleep, too much sleep, loud noises, bright lights, smells, tense muscles, need for chiropractic work, hormones and probably more. Obviously being on a good, restricted diet made a huge difference for 3 weeks so I'm thinking/hoping this round of migraines is just hormone related and I'm praying it passes quickly! Ugh.

We had a low key weekend at home. The kids and I went to our wonderful chiropractor Saturday. C is even getting adjustments now.. it's so cute. Then we ran a few errands and stopped at a few yard sales. My hubby worked half a day Saturday, then took C grocery shopping. We skipped church on Sunday. During the Super Bowl half time show C asked why Beyonce (and company) had taken their pants off! Ha! He's definitely not used to seeing attire like that on a regular basis. :)

Is anyone else following the story about the little boy being held hostage in Alabama? So sad! I can't even imagine what the mother and family of this six year old are going through. Pray that it's resolved quickly with a good outcome!

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  1. I used to get migraines daily! They're the absolute worst. I had to get a prescription from my doctor and every time I feel one coming I take the meds and the migraine goes away instantly!

  2. SO glad that stupid Alabama thing is over. I can't imagine how terrified he was! Hope your migraines get better son... those do NOT sound fun at all. Does wine help?! :)