Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Random

Look what I got in the mail last week! I both love and kinda don't like it. I love EC planners.. I love the inside! But I'm not thrilled with the colors I chose for this cover. I probably should have gone with the coral background and white chevron stripes, instead of gray. You can barely read the gray font at the bottom that says "family" but under that there's an even darker gray font with our names and that's really hard to see. I absolutely LOVED my cover last year so I'm a little disappointed that I don't really love this one. 

This is my planner from 2012, isn't it pretty?

 I'm happy simply ecstatic to report that I've had ZERO migraines since beginning a gluten free diet 3 weeks ago tomorrow. This is huge for me! I can't remember the last time I was migraine free for THREE weeks. I have 4 prescription migraine pills sitting in a bottle, untouched for weeks. It's so nice to NOT be frantic about running out of pills. So nice! I feel wonderful! I'm also avoiding ALL cheese and ALL cheese products, most sweets, most junk foods, most processed foods, most food coloring and I've cut way back on dairy. If anyone who is reading this is a chronic migraine sufferer: You should definitely try eliminating some of these things from your diet to see if it could help you too.

J is loving her new school! She's already picking up a few Spanish words and understanding quite a bit. It's amazing how little kids can really pick up a language quickly. We're trying to speak more at home also. My dumb gringa accent irritates me no end but I know I have to keep talking, talking, talking in Spanish so I can get better. C is also learning a little bit. The kids tell us "buenas noches" and "te amo" every night. It's cute to hear them speak in Spanish. I was teaching the kids "por favor" the other day (which is one of my most gringa-est words!) and J was like "Mama, you don't speak very good Spanish. But daddy speaks very good Spanish." Gee thanks. I know it's true, but still.... I'm all the more determined to conquer this language!

I can't believe we've lived in our "new" house for almost a year now! And we still haven't painted one room! Ha! I'm going to get going on that pretty soon.. hopefully this month. I'm trying to decide on a color for the main living areas. The entry, living room, dining room and kitchen are all open to each other so I need to find a color that I love so much I'm willing to have it in 4 rooms. I'm torn between a light gray, light taupe or light blue/green/grayish color that my mom has in her house and I LOVE. I'm also anxious to get started on painting the kids play room and decorating it. Play rooms can be so cute and fun! That room will definitely be light gray so if/when we need to switch it into a kid's bedroom or nursery it will be ready to go without having to repaint.

Hope everyone had a lovely week and have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Your planner is so chic! And praise the Lord about your migraines!! Gluten free diets can be a bit pricey, but it sound like they're worth it.


  2. Love the chevron pattern...too cute! ANd I'm do glad that your migranes have improved and that J loves her new school. Such blessings!

  3. Looks like a great little notebook.

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