Thursday, March 7, 2013

catching up

We've had lots going on lately... don't we always?

I finally finished painting our entry way and the kids' hallway. We decided on a light grayish color but it actually looks light blueish gray on the walls. It's really pretty and we're happy with it. I was going to paint the hallway, entry, living, dining and kitchen all the same color but I think I've changed my mind. Our main living areas are all open to each other but even so I think different colors will work in different rooms and kind of define each area as a separate space rather than using one color for everything which would kind of define everything as one huge room. Make sense? So now I need to pick out another color or two for the kitchen and dining and possibly another color for 3 walls of the living room.

We had gorgeous weather Monday. I think I overdid it by cleaning off our filthy back porch, cleaning out our filthy garage AND painting Monday evening. I got a terrible migraine that night and it pretty much lasted until yesterday (Wed.) evening. Luckily my mom is awesome and she REALLY helped out Tuesday and yesterday. I decided to get a shot for migraines (no idea what the name of shot was) yesterday afternoon and it didn't even work! I was SO annoyed. I'm feeling okay now (keeping my fingers crossed that it lasts!)

J is loving school! She did not do well in the Spanish immersion class so we pulled her out a few weeks ago. She's in a regular 4 year old class now, two days a week. We call it "school" or "preschool" but it's technically Mother's Day Out. I'm hoping we can get C in a class this fall. I think C would actually do great in the Spanish immersion class just because of his personality but he'd also love a regular 3 year old class.

I think I've successfully switched my blog from a "no-reply" blogger to a "reply" blogger. Could one of you kind readers let me know for sure? Thanks! :)


  1. Hope your migraines will stay away. :(

    If you'll leave me a comment on my latest post, I'll click on your name and tell you if you're still a NRB.


  2. Wow, you sound like you have been busy! I found you at Meet me Mondays, new follower here. :o) It would be lovely if you could follow me back too? So happy I found your blog and looking forward to reading more. :o)

    Sarah x

  3. stumbled on your blog via the blog hop at:

    wow! sounds like a busy time!
    But i personally like being very busy!!
    It makes me feel like i am getting more out of my day

  4. It sounds like you have been busy! I have been doing some Spring Cleaning, as well. Well...I've been making plans to clean :)

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog from The Stichin' Mommy... sorry about the monster headache. Migraines are never fun. Hope it's stayed away. :)

  6. A new FOLLOWER here..dontcha love it when READERS actually's encouraging! Just found you via Heather at Stringtownhome..your blog is very appealing to the I have to take time to read, read, read. I will.
    Find me at LIKE GRAMMA'S HOUSE blog..I have part 2 of a SPRING OPEN HOUSE starting just today. Please comment-it's more fun!


  7. I hate migraines. They won't let me work productively. Sometimes, a cup of coffee will make it go way. But I'm avoiding it now.

  8. I wish we had your weather!
    I'm sorry about the migraine, though.

  9. Oh my gosh! I've never really know if I'm a "no rely" or a rely blogger! I'm so glad you had nice weather, I'm def loving it over here! I'm so interested on the Spanish class-in looking into kindergartens and ill have to think about that!!

  10. linking up through laurie's meet and greet. sorry to hear that you were feeling bad but cudos to you for kickin it and getting things done.

    stop by and say hi

  11. Glad you liked the paint even though the color wasn't what you thought exactly (that could so have worked the other way too...she says from experience ;) ).

    Hope your reply is as a reply-blogger and you got that confirmation from somewhere you've posted. If not you can swing on over to my place and I can confirm, just remind me that I'm supposed to look :)

    Visiting today from Fun Friday.