Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Top 5 Laughs

1 - C made J mad one afternoon and J said "I am NOT going to be your sister anymore!" Ha!

2 - Last night I asked the kids to go play in their rooms quietly. J said "We're going to play school. I'm the teacher and I'm going to have to yell." I asked if her teachers yell at school and she said no. I said "Then teachers don't yell then, do they?" And she said "Well this teacher does!" Haha!

3 - I made C bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning and told him it was ready. He said "Thanks mom, you're so sweet!" :)

4 - C hasn't quite figured how to hold up just two fingers when someone asks how old he is. He uses one hand to push down the pinky and ring finger on the other hand. Then pushes up the pointer finger and middle finger to show 2 fingers. It's pretty funny. :)

5 - One afternoon the kids asked for Cutie oranges. I sent them into the kitchen to get them. They were in there for awhile so I figured they were having trouble peeling them. After a little bit J comes up to me in the other room and, with her hand thoughtfully under her chin, she said "You know, we were thinking some of those oranges are pretty dirty so we put them in the trash." Haha! I found at least 5 little oranges in the trash can because the kids thought they looked too "dirty". So funny!


  1. Hahahah I love this! I love what littles come up with! "Your not my sister anymore" is a good one, my oldest says "best friend" and the cities! I died, how cute!

  2. The last one was my favorite. :) I like it when kids "scheme" together.


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  4. ha are more entertaining than most of life!!!
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  6. That is so funny that the oranges were in the trash!! LOL! I love that C does that with his hands. Zane is going to be 2 in a few weeks and his idea of 2, is to hold up all 10 fingers. Love your laughs:)