Thursday, March 21, 2013

crazy day at the eye doctor

Oh boy.

If you're ready to feel like a better mother than me just keep reading.

We just got back from the eye doctor. My #1 mistake was making the appointment at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, right smack dab during C's nap time and J's quiet time, and right after J got out of school. Of course they'd be tired and not on their best behavior. Duh. What was I thinking??

We walk in the door and the place has wood flooring. For some reason my kids love to stomp their feet on wood flooring. So it was stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp while I was talking to the receptionist and filling out paperwork.

After that I tell J to sit by me. She wiggles and squirms and whines for water. Slithers out of her chair. Oh boy. C is relatively good but keeps tapping is half full sippy cup on a wooden table and asking for water. Why? I have no clue since the cup is half full of water. Silly kid.

Two minutes of peace while the kids discover magazines and thumb through them. C immediately grabbed this car magazine and exclaimed "I'll look at cars!" I sent these pics to my hubby and he was quite proud. C is all boy and just like his daddy. :)

Then we're called back to waiting room #2. The kids enjoy looking at the fish tank for a minute before we go to exam room #1.

 This place has like 10 exam rooms and 5 waiting rooms per patient, so annoying. J is first in the chair in exam room #1 and does well while C is jumping around like a monkey. Then it was C's turn and he did well.

On to exam room #2. I held one kid in my lap while they peered into a machine and the other child stood beside our chair and shook it as though their life depended on it. Each kid did great looking into the machine.

The kids get stickers for doing well.

Out to waiting room #3. The room is full of middle aged folks. The kids spend 5 seconds looking at another fish tank then start to squirm and whine. Luckily the room pretty much empties out around that time and only one poor woman is left sitting there. I decide to let the kids watch Mickey Mouse Club House on my phone. I make the mistake of asking J to hold it. She has to get comfy. So the kids settle onto the floor for 30 seconds, then J has to switch places with C, then she decides they should sit together in a chair. C accidently pinches J and J starts to cry/whine/howl and make even more of a scene. She makes a face and says something ugly to me. At that point C starts having a fit. Off to the bathroom we go for a little discipline and a talk.

Back out to waiting room #3. The kids are quiet for 2 seconds then dig into a magazine basket digging for "cards" (they love to play with those little card tear out order forms in magazines) While searching they scatter about 20 magazines across the floor. I help them pick up the magazines and find a "card" for each child. About that time a middle age man comments that my kids must not be quite as perfect in public as they are at home, are they? I replied that they're not perfect at home either.

On to exam room #3 to see the eye doctor. I sit in the chair with C in my lap while J insists on pushing every button and every lever she can find. I finally get her to sit in a chair until it's her turn. During her exam C steps on the levers to raise my chair, pushes every button and machine he can find. Oh joy.

Back out to the front waiting room to wait to pay our bill. C climbs up and over 2 chairs repeatedly, saying it's his playground. J asks for water from my water bottle so of course C needs water from my water bottle. I just pray he doesn't gulp it too fast and end up spewing it all over the floor. (He hasn't quite mastered a regular water bottle yet). Luckily he does fine.

We're called back to pay our bill. I'm sitting in my chair in a little cubicle area and C climbs up behind me while J manages to reach up and touch a HUGE, heavy mirror hanging on the wall and it starts to shake. I missed seeing it but the 2 ladies behind the desk start to freak out. I hand over my debit card and sign a couple receipts while chatting with the lady behind the desk and reading texts from my husband who's asking me to get some paperwork he needs for insurance. Meanwhile J has her hands on either side of a frosted glass partition while insisting that I watch her as she's accidently tapping the patient sitting next to her. And C finds a scented wall plug in right beside him that he's turning around and around and around. SIGH.

Man, I could not get out of their fast enough.

Tell me am I a worse than average mother? Do my kids act up more than typical 4 year olds and 2.5 year olds? I hope not but at this point I'm just so glad to be back home with the kids quietly watching a movie that I really don't care. Remind me NOT to take the kids back to the eye doctor for another 5 years.

On a side note: I did take C out to the store this morning and he was a little angel. Going out with one child is generally like a vacation. It's normally when they get together that things tend to get very chaotic.


  1. No, you are NOT a bad mother!!!!! This is the STORY OF MY LIFE! LOL! Do you know how many people judge me (as you felt judged when the women were freaking out about the mirror incident, although you obviously had your hands tied at the time)? Just today at a store, my 19 month old was rolling around crying about a toy I wouldn't let her touch. I got a few looks for that, even though it was (also) her nap time and I was trying to contain my 4 year old and pick out a pair of pants for him. People need to stop measuring US by our children's behavior. Kids are KIDS. Toddlers cry and pout and climb on things and stomp despite the lessons we teach them. If it were a dad with them, he'd have gotten sympathy. Moms get judged. Guess what ladies, your children weren't perfect, so please stop expecting ours to be.

    In any event, people need to be more gracious and compassionate when it comes to moms with little ones. And there should not have been so many waiting rooms. That's unacceptable.


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