Thursday, March 28, 2013

feeling better

This week is FINALLY getting better. It has been the worst week. Of course (most of you know) I had a miscarriage over the weekend.. that wasn't fun, but to top it off I spent the next 2 days in bed with the worst migraines ever and no prescription meds available. Ugh. I tried EVERYTHING.. essential oils, hot showers, hot baths, ice packs, heat packs, tons of water, nasal spray, allergy meds, caffeine, massage, chiropractor... you name it. I was thisclose to going to the ER, Monday night, when thankfully something worked and the migraine went away for several hours. I was able to get a good night's sleep only to start over with another migraine Tuesday morning. Thankfully I was able to get a prescription filled and I felt much better yesterday.

Despite all the bad stuff I will say that I really, really appreciate all the wonderful support and prayers we have gotten from everyone. It has been amazing! I was hesitant to announce the pregnancy right away but we ended up telling a few friends and family almost as soon as we found out. Then, after the early miscarriage word got out.. pretty much because we needed help from church friends when I ended up in the ER. I don't regret letting people know what is going on. The love and support has been amazing. I can't imagine going through it alone. Unfortunately, so many others have gone through the same thing and know what we're going through.

I realize I have blogged and tweeted about this a lot... I think talking/writing about it helps me process things a little better. I realize I'm not the first woman in the world to have a miscarriage. I also realize that it was very early. I know many people have gone through much, much worse. But this wasn't easy for me. This was something I had hoped I'd never experience. Thankfully I'm feeling a lot better, emotionally and physically, after several rough days.

Thank you all for sweet comments and prayers. They have meant a lot and I really appreciate it. <3 p="">


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you start to feel better and your migraine goes away.


  2. I also had a miscarriage years ago between my two girls, I just had to accept that my body decided something was wrong and corrected it. I may not have had my beautiful Elizabeth if I hadn't miscarried. I hope you feel better soon, hugs.

    1. Sorry you had to go through that. I'm trying to accept that my body just knew something was wrong and corrected it. And hopefully I will be pregnant again, with a healthy baby, soon.

  3. I'm glad to hear your doing better. I went through a miscarriage myself over 15 years ago and it was awful. I had a tough time as well. I was pretty far into my pregnancy ( not that it makes in any more difficult) and had told everyone and was even showing !!!! I feel your loss and know that I'm here if you ever need to talk :)

  4. Thank you Tammy. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I think being further along and showing would be even more difficult. It's hasn't been easy for me but I am grateful that it was early.

  5. am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage but am glad you are feeling better. wishing all the best going forward!

    and thanks for linking up....following back :)

  6. "I think talking/writing about it helps me process things a little better." And this is DEF the reason why I absolutely <3 blogging. It really helps and it's I think it's also easier and worthwhile than venting/acting out IRL. Having said that, I feel very bad for what happened to you but I'm also very happy about your attitude. God acts in mysterious ways and your strength is something I'm sure he finds admirable and will reward you for (if he hasn't already).

    Thanks, byw, for checking me out and following me. I'm following you back on BL. Hope you have a beautiful, restful, and blessed weekend!

    Saludos y abrazos :)