Friday, March 29, 2013

Saturday Top 5 Laughs

1 - At the eye doctor the other day I told the kids they could look at magazines. C immediately grabbed this auto magazine and exclaimed "Oh! I'll look at cars!" :) My husband was so proud. C sat there and looked at this until we were called back.

 2 - J is so funny. The last couple of days she's been giving us 2 thumbs up and saying "Okie dokie!" Then she raises both fists in the air, jumps and says "Stupendous!!" Haha! :) She does this when we ask her to do anything that she's remotely excited about doing. I know she picked it up from watching Angelina Ballerina.

 3 - C is such a little ham. Once he gets going it's hard to get him to settle down. If you ask him if he wants a sandwich or chicken nuggets for lunch (for example) he'll get this silly, thoughtful look on his face and say "Ummmmmm. I want..... ummmm (looks around the room)... A TOWEL (or a book, or a shoe, or a cookie, or a cup... totally off the wall stuff.) And then he has this deep chuckle "Ha ha ha ha." It's impossible not to laugh with him which just eggs him on and then we can't get him to stop and he drives us crazy. Ha!

Well, I can only think of 3 laughs this week. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!


  1. What a cute post. "Studendous", right? I love the things little ones say that inspire us. Thanks for linking up at the Inspire Powerful Action Blog Hop. I appreciate you connecting. Have a great weekend.

    Irish at Dedicated 2 Life

  2. The pictures of him with the magazines are so cute!