Monday, April 22, 2013

A-Z Quizzie

I'm stealing this fun little quizzie from Kim at Faith, Grace & Giggles

Available: no
Age: 32 
Annoyance(s): snobs, annoying people, annoying sounds 
Animal: nada
Attitude: generally happy, definitely stressed around my kids though ha! 

Beer: hate it
Birthday: late Aug
Best feeling in world: love, happiness
Best weather: spring, fall 
Been in Love: yes
Been on stage: few times
Believe in God: definitely! 
Believe in Santa: nope, we don't do Santa

Candy (favorite): dark chocolate
Color: I love blues and greens in nature, whites & shades of blue for decor, blue for clothes
Chocolate/Vanilla: chocolate! 
Chinese/Mexican: depends on my mood.. love both! 
Cake or pie: pie
Continent you want to to visit: Asia, Africa and Australia
Cheese: don't eat it any more.. I loved Mexican cheese though

Day or Night: love mornings and late night
Dance in the rain: sure
Dating: been there, done that
Dogs or Cats: dogs

Eyes: Blue
Everyone has: a story
Ever failed a class?: yes

Full name: Karen
First thoughts waking up: usually thinking I'd like to go back to sleep ha
Food favorite: I love Mexican, Chinese, breads (rarely eat them though), chocolate
Friendly: very friendly but very shy at first 
Fan of: musicals, plays, tons of TV shows, movies, music.. you name it 

Greatest Fear: fire
Goals: get in shape! lose weight. have another baby. get this home organized
Gum: occasionally 
Get along with your parents: generally 

Good luck charm: nada

Guilty Pleasure: iced coffee, browsing online, watching TV 

Hair Color: blonde/brown naturally but going blonder for summer
Height: 5’ 6"
Happy: yes! 
Holiday: Christmas
How do you want to die: dramatically and quickly

Ice Cream: Rocky Road
Instrument: don't play one
Ice cubes or crushed: crushed

Jewelry: love it! 
Job: stay- at- home mom 
Journal-writing: like therapy for me! 

Kids: J (4), C (2.5)
Kickboxing or karate: Neither. Karate would be fun though
Kooky: ??? 

Longest Car Ride: DFW to Sacramento, DFW to Mexico City, DFW to Virginia... not sure which is longest?? 
Love: Amazing! 
Letter: I have tons saved from childhood friends 
Laughed so hard you cried: Hasn't happened in a while but I love to laugh that hard! 

Milk flavor: chocolate! 
Movies: Sound Of Music, Because I Said So, It's Complicated, You've Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, The Family Stone... and many others 
Music: worship, country and more.. my taste is pretty varied 
Motion sickness: not really 
McD’s or BK: neither! 

Number of Siblings: 2
Number of Piercings: 2 in one ear, 3 in the other
Number of Tattoos: 2 so far
Number: 7 

One wish: to be happy always!! 
One regret: too many to name.. I don't dwell on them

Perfect Pizza: not sure
Pepsi/Coke: neither! 
Parents still alive: yes
Party-goer: not so much 

Quote: don't wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it
Question for God: too many to name.. just have to trust Him
Quickest at: not sure 

Reason to cry: saddness, overwhelmed 
Reality TV: never watch it 
Radio Station: worship
Roll your tongue in a circle: I think so 

Song: depends on my mood
Shoe size: 8.5
Salad Dressing: something natural.. usually lime and grape seed oil
Sushi: pretty sure I've never tried it. I hate seafood
Skipped school: don't think so 
Smoked: never tried it 
Skinny dipped: never
Sing well: not sure.. but I love to sing! 
Swear: too often :/ 
Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberries 

Time for bed: anywhere from 11 to 2 
TV Show: true crime shows, Mike & Molly.. that's about it. I rarely watch TV 
Time right now: 11:17 PM 
Train or Ship: I love traveling by both! 

Unpredictable: yes
Unique quality: not sure 
Undergarments: ?? 

Vacation spot: beach
Victorian or Country: country I guess 
Valuables: nada 

Weakness: food! 
Which friend acts like you: don't know 
Worst feeling: feeling depressed, sad, lonely
Wanted to be a model: No
Where do we go when we die: born again Christians will go to Heaven
Worst Weather: super hot and humid

X-Rays: I've had a few
Xylophone: ??? 

Year: 2013
Yellow: ???? 
Yesterday: Sunday

Zoo animal: I love elephants
Zebras-Black w/white or White w/black: whatever 

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