Monday, June 10, 2013

catching up

Yes, I realize I haven't posted in forever.

We're doing great! Well, kind of. If you consider ALL DAY nausea great. Ha! Yes, baby #3 is on the way! We are SO excited! I'm 7 weeks today. I got to see the heartbeat on Friday! So sweet and amazing. There's nothing like seeing that sweet little heart beat for the first time. :)

I had ideas of keeping this a secret for a few more weeks but since it's on my mind 24/7 I decided to go ahead and share here. We're not good at keeping pregnancies a secret for long. We generally tell our families within days of finding out (if not the very day we find out!) and after that it kind of spills over to extended family, friends and everyone else.

Of course, after what happened in March I've been a little nervous but this pregnancy has been completely different than that one and I haven't been quiet as worried as I thought I would be. I've had extreme nausea, extreme tiredness and have felt very pregnant since 4 weeks. None of which I felt at all in March. So, I'm feeling pretty confident and very hopeful that we'll be okay this time around. This pregnancy feels like a very normal pregnancy, just like I had with J and C.

This baby is due right around J's fifth birthday. She is beyond excited and already sure that she's getting a baby sister. Ha! Being a name obsessed person I'm already talking names and J is giving her input on baby girl names all the time. So far she's come up with Sophie Rainbow, Liggy (?) and Sally among a few others. Ha!

In other news we've been having a great "summer" so far. It's normal to start saying it's summer around the end of May right?

The kids went through 2 weeks of swim lessons at the end of May/early June. I had C in the mommy and me class. He did great! But, honestly, he was way too big for that class. He'll be 3 in August and I know he would've been fine in the preK class. But when I had him evaluated before classes started he had not been in the pool at all this year so he was very clingy and I decided just to go ahead with the mommy and me class. He did great though and gained some confidence in the water which is good! J was in the pre K class on the other side of the pool during the mommy and me class so I wasn't able to keep a close eye on her but I know she did great too! She gained a lot of confidence in the water too. I've thought about putting them in the next level classes but decided that they'll have plenty of time in the pool, anyway, this summer and I don't want to spend the money and I don't want to spend another two weeks driving up to the rec center every single afternoon.

The kids started gymnastics on Friday. They loved it! C was the only boy in a class of about 6 girls ha! It didn't seem to bother him though. J wanted to learn to do a cartwheel on the very first day and was a little disappointed she didn't learn in the first class. :)

J has also been taking ice skating lessons on Saturdays. She seems to really like it and is doing good. She had one lesson, then we skipped the second one, and her third one was this past Saturday. I was so proud of her for learning how to stand up on her own in just one class. And she was able to get around, slowly, on her own a little bit. She has one more class in this session and we may consider putting her in 4 more classes after this session ends. We'll see.

This is really the first time the kids have taken any lessons or classes and it's been fun watching them. I think lessons, classes, sports, etc are so good for little kids just to get them out of their comfort zones and learn something new.

Well, I know this post is getting really long so I'll wrap it up. I have lots of pics I need to share and hope to start posting on a more regular basis again.

Hope everyone is doing well!! :)


  1. Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you!
    All day nausea is no joke. I've had it since January 3rd!!!

  2. Congrats! That's so exciting :) I hope the nausea lets up soon!

    Stephanie @ She Turned Her Dreams Into Plans