Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Top 5 Laughs

Actually it'll be Saturday Top 3 Laughs. I can't think of five right now. Linking up with The Mommyhood Chronicles for Saturday Top 5 Laughs. 

1) Yesterday C broke off a piece of the blinds in his bedroom window. I didn't notice it was broken until late last night when I went in his room to get his pajamas. I asked him who broke the blinds. Without missing a beat he, very seriously, said: "This great big dinosaur came in here and broke the blinds." Haha!

2) Last night we were at a birthday party. My husband told C to set his backpack by the door. C took it over to the front door and put his backpack right up against the center of the door. Ha! When J tried to move it over to the side C grabbed it and said "No, daddy said put it RIGHT by the door!" I just wish C always followed directions so well.

3) J has an imagination like no other. The kids have been watching a kids' movie about fairies on Netflix and there is a man dressed like a bumble bee on the show. The other day J, very seriously, came up with a story involving this character. She said "C, remember what I was telling you?" I asked her what she had told him. She went into this long, detailed story about how the bee character was dressed like a bee because his pet bee was at his house and his pet bee couldn't make honey so this man had to dress up like a bee and could make his own honey. Believe me, her version was quite a bit longer than that. After she told me all that she asked C: "Were you listening to what I just said, C?" As though it was vital information he needed to soak up. Ha! I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff.


  1. Oh I missed your laughs!! Haha- the great big dinosaur broke the blinds. That is hysterical! Haha- no daddy put it right back-LOVE IT! #3 is so cute!!! Great great laughs~