Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day Of School!!

My kids on their first day of school, August 13th. J is super silly and super awkward when it comes to taking pictures. She gets really shy and goofy OR she gets really hyper and silly and won't stop talking or moving. Looks like she's in the middle of talking in these two. Ha! I love how C's outfit unintentionally matches his backpack and lunch back. This shirt is one of his favorite's because it has a pocket. :)

 She was probably talking away in this pic...

 I think they look so cute with their little backpacks..

 Being shy in front of her school...

The kids posed by themselves in these two pics. I thought it was so cute!! :)

Both kids had a great first day! J was excited to go back and see old friends. C was a little nervous but didn't even cry the first day! His first day of school was his second day potty training and he had one accident because he was scared to tell the teacher he had to go potty! The was his last accident.. he was trained completely in less than 24 hours. Their third birthday is the magic age for my kids with potty training. Since his first day Alex has cried at drop-off. :( It makes me so sad. I know he stops crying after a few minutes and loves his class... I guess the good-bye part is just hard for him.

My kids and I are both glad school has started. It's so nice to get back into a routine. I'm praying they have a wonderful year!!


  1. Nice photos of the kids Karen :) 1st Day of School is always huge here in our home too !!!

  2. Aw your kids are darling! I love their backpacks and the bee lunchbox. Going to school is so much more fun these days. And the part about loving a shirt because it has a pocket is adorable. I'm a teacher and I always have kids running up to me (randomly) and announcing that their shirt or shorts have a pocket. It's the little things :) -Misty @ www.momistabeginnings.com