Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Top 5 Laughs

I'm linking up with Saturday Top 5 Laughs. I haven't done this in a while so I have lots! My kids are always making me laugh. :)

1} A few weeks ago C woke up from his nap and was laying there with his head propped up with a hand under his chin and a thoughtful look on his face. I asked what he was thinking about. He said "I'm thinking about when I'm a big boy." I asked what he's going to do when he's a big boy. He said "I'm going to drive a car, I'm going to drive a boat, I'm going to sleep in my own bed.." I forget the rest but it was really cute. His little mind is always going.

2} My husband's work car was sent to the shop a few weeks ago. His company car has a company logo on both sides. When the kids and I dropped him off to pick up a rent car J knowingly said he would have to be sure to get a logo on the rent car since his work car has one. :)

3} A couple weeks ago, as we were walking into the circus, J and I were talking about the animals we would see. She asked if there would be giraffes then answered her own question with "I guess they don't have giraffes because giraffes and their long necks are way too tall to fit in a building." :)

4} We bought C a little pair of binoculars at the circus. As we were leaving and walking to the car the kids excitedly told us that C would be using his binoculars to look for owls out the windows on the ride home. Haha!

5} It was C's birthday last week and he got a few gifts on the morning of his birthday. That afternoon my mom brought over another gift but didn't have a bag so I reused of the gifts bags from that morning. The next day the gift bags were still laying in the dining room, empty now, and C told me "Take these bags and put some more gifts in them." Haha!

6} Last Saturday night we celebrated C's birthday again with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. We gave him one last gift, a toy, that evening. Then he went on to open the gifts from my in-laws. He opened the first bag and said "Clothes....?" with the most doubtful, sad look on his face. Poor kid was hoping for more toys. Haha! His face was hilarious! I was excited and asked to see the clothes right away. After he opened a second bag from my in-laws and saw more clothes he immediately brought those over and dumped them in my lap too. They're adorable fall clothes from Gap Kids so it made mama happy even if he was disappointed!

7} Last Saturday night before church I picked out a dress with buttons down the back for J. A while later she walked over to it and said dresses with buttons or zippers were uncomfortable and she wanted to wear something else. I picked out a different dress and asked if we needed to get rid of all her dresses with buttons and zippers. She said "No, I just said that because I wanted to wear something different tomorrow." I said "So, you just made up the story that buttons are uncomfortable?" She said "Uh-huh and about the zippers too." Ha! Funny but she got a talking to about telling lies!

8} Last week J drew a picture of my herself and my mom walking hand in hand. My mom's hair was drawn with a purple marker. She gave the picture to my mom and told her "I used a purple marker for your hair because I don't have a white marker." Haha!

9} A few weeks ago we ate at Macaroni Grill for lunch. At one point a waitresses stopped at a table near ours and started singing opera. C stared at her in awe for a moment then turned to me with huge eyes and his mouth open wide while he was trying hard not to laugh. His face was priceless. I wish so bad I had a picture. Funniest face ever!! I still laugh just thinking about it! I'm sure many kids have a similar reaction to opera for the first time.. especially in a restaurant!

10) Last Sunday at Panda Express we sat close to a cute little baby girl in a high chair. C was watching her for a minute then told me he wanted a little sister just like her. He described her as he said he wanted a sister with "curly hair, a dress with flowers on it and a strap around her head with a flower on it." I laughed so hard! Only a boy would call a headband a "strap". Haha! He sounded just like a man.


  1. Wow! I have to admit, I think this blog hop is a really good way to remember these little moments in my kids lives too. I love your #6 and #9. #6 because just having girls, that hasn't happened to me yet and #9 because I have a very fond memory of my younger brother doing something I suspect was very similar the first time he heard opera when we were young. I was trying to seem cultured at the time (I was about 8) and he lost it because he thought it was ridiculous (he was about 5). I was mortified, of course.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. You weren't kidding when you said you had a lot of laughs this week! #9 is adorable! It reminds me of when the children's opera comes to preform at school. Imagine an auditorium full of Kindergarten through 3rd grade students that have never seen or heard an opera before!! :0) Cute laughs!

  3. Yah so glad to see you back! I just got back from vacation and love reading these! Haha- giraffes are way too big for the circus-LOL! She is right! Isn't it so cute when there mind is always running! I would love to sit inside their brain for one day-lol! Love #9. So stinkin cute! Love your laughs!!!!