Sunday, August 11, 2013

Spammer? Stalker?

Does anyone else get weird stalkers, from overseas, on their blog? Some visitor from Beijing has been visiting constantly. I'm sure they're a spammer although they're not leaving spam. Do you ignore strange, silent visitors or what do you do? And, if you are the stranger from Beijing.. please do me a favor and do not come back. Thanks!


  1. I noticed I had some Stalkers too from the same place. I did something over at Google and changed it so that not just anyone could see my Blog.

  2. I read a post one time about why this blogger water marked her pictures. She said that a subbie had messaged her saying that there was another blog from a different country using all of her pictures (family and all) and writing a blog acting like they were her. She said that she noticed when she looked at her stats that the person was the one visiting numerous times daily. After I read that I am always worried about the 'stalkers' and what they are doing on my page lol it is such a strange world we live in.

  3. There are russian and chinese sites that just scan websites. It's definitely spam and I think it's so they show up in your stats and you click on them. Whatever you do, don't click on them. It just gives them hits and a reason to keep trolling your blog.