Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up & Stuff

Late last week I got deathly ill again.. well, it felt deathly while I was going through it. I have no clue what's going on but in the last few weeks I've a couple rounds of this migraine/constant vomiting thing that lasts from 24 to 48 hrs. It's terrible. I used to throw up with migraines (more often before my babies) but never constantly like this. And of course I've had morning sickness but again never constant. It's really weird and I'm praying it NEVER happens again. It's an awful combination. I'm talking 10+ on the pain scale and not being able to keep anything down (not even tiny ice cubes) for over a day. :/ I'm guessing it's a weird combo of migraines and pregnancy although it never happened during my other pregnancies. I also ate roast beef before both episodes. I have no idea if there was link to the roast or just a strange coincidence but you can bet I will avoid roast like the plague for a long, long time. My awesome mother has been great at dropping everything and coming over when I've been sick and taking over the kids completely. I don't know what I'd do without her! 

Saturday I spent the day recovering and resting while the kids spent the day at my mom's and my husband was at work. 

Sunday morning hubby and I spent our last day volunteering, at church, with the little 18-22 month old toddlers. We have been in that room since before J was that age. I think a little break from the baby/toddler area will be nice before our next baby is born. We're still going to volunteer in J's four year old class through the fall. 

Sunday we had On The Border for lunch. So yummy! J discovered (or rediscovered) a love for cheese quesadillas! 

 Ice cream and fun at On The Border. :) 

Last night C wanted to watch Shark Week on Netflix. He said "That'll be a good bedtime movie." Haha! He's such a boy. He sat there and watched it just like this.

This week is going to be a busy one! I started potty training C this morning. He'll be 3 next week so I think it's time. J pretty much trained herself right around her 3rd birthday and I'm really hoping the same holds true for C. It seems like he's ready. I've never been big on potty training or pushing kids to train before they're ready. With both kids we (I) half-heartedly tried to train every few months or so from the time they were 2ish. If they didn't seem to catch on quickly I dropped it and waited for another time. I don't get the stressing out about it. Gee, I have enough stress without freaking out about getting a toddler potty trained by a certain age. At the end of the day they will NOT be going to kindergarden. Anyway, C has done great today and at this point it looks like we'll carry on. He's very proud of himself and definitely knows when he needs to go. We have a chart and stickers and M&Ms and all that. He insisted on going out in undies while we ran errands for 3 hours. He only had one accident outside in the car after we spent 25 minutes or so inside Claire's where there wasn't a bathroom.. so I really count that as my fault, not his.

Both kids are starting Mother's Day Out tomorrow! I'm so excited! I know J is excited to go back. She had a great semester last spring and she's anxious to get back and see her friends again. C seems a little nervous but says he's excited. This is his first MDO experience so we'll see how it goes. He does not have to be trained to start the three year old class (that's not why I'm training him) but I definitely feel like it's time to get the ball rolling. Hopefully knowing his classmates are going potty will encourage him too.

We're also finding out our baby's gender this week! We are SO excited! I'll be going to the ultrasound alone on Thursday. My idea is to have the ultrasound tech write the baby's gender on a piece of paper and stick it in a sealed envelope. Then I'll take the envelope to a party store with instructions for them to open the envelope, read the gender, choose pink or blue balloons to put in a huge box (that I'll bring in) and seal the box tightly. I'll leave the store while they're doing that. I'll pick up the sealed box of balloons, bring it home and Thursday evening we'll have the kids open the box and we can find out as a family! I just hope all goes as planned. :) My husband has been saying the baby's a girl since day one. I've been thinking girl for weeks now but now I'm convinced it's a boy since I've been overly focused on a girl. Ha! I really have no idea but my official guess is "boy"! For the record my husband was right on the other two and I was wrong on the other two so who knows.

We're also planning to go to the circus this weekend. The kids are super excited! I'm excited too... I've always loved the circus. Last year we took them to the Shrine circus which was a bit of a disappointment so this year it's Barnum & Bailey.

Then next week is C's third birthday! We're all excited about that! No big party this year but we'll have at least 2 small parties.. maybe three.. with different family and friends. The week after that is my birthday (so exciting, ha!) and JBF! I get so excited about JBF... I actually enjoy getting all the clothes ready and love looking through that HUGE room full of stuff. I can't wait! I'm just praying I will feel good for the next few weeks so I can get through all this.

Hope everyone's having a great Monday!


  1. An exciting week ahead for sure! I hope you're feeling better!

  2. I so hope you stay well. I'm so sorry you've been battling this illness! Being sick and having to take care of kids is so difficult. Can't wait to hear of your baby's gender, though.


  3. I'm so sorry you have been feeling so crappy. I hope it eases soon!
    I can't wait to hear what you're having!

  4. How did the circus go!?
    I've never been, but really want to.

    Sorry you're feeling sick.
    Thats awful.

    And your lucky son, we have no tv here, and I missed shark week.
    I was feeling pretty emotional one of the days, and actually cried it out.
    yup. No kidding.