Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Top 5 Laughs

1 - The kids are always hugging and kissing "the baby" (my belly.) It's so sweet! And J talks to the baby a lot. The kids also set a stuffed elephant by my belly every night and say it's "for the baby." So cute! :)

2 - C is hilarious. The other day he was using his toy saw to saw on the couch. I asked him to stop and he held up his saw and said "It says right here [on the saw] 'Saw couch in half'". Haha! And I bought some mini Christmas trees to go with mini decorative houses to set out during the holidays. C saw the trees and said "These are to put outside in the snow at Christmas time!" I told him we have to keep them inside and put them on a shelf. He held up the package and said "No, it says right here [on the package] 'Put in snow at Christmas time.'" Hahaha! He makes me laugh so hard! Even funnier: He doesn't say "Says" properly he says it rhyming with 'hays'.

3 - I have 2 socks full of rice that I heat up when I have a migraine. I usually just use one at a time but the other day I used two.. one for my head and one for my neck. J was asking why I needed two and I told her. I put one in the microwave last night then went to the bathroom. J burst into the bathroom and said "Mama! What's in the mircowave?!" I told her. She said "Do you need two!? There's another one in the living room if you need one for your neck, okay!" She's so sweet and helpful. She's also very exuberant! :)

4 - And, last night I had that heated rice sock on my head for awhile, then my head started feeling better  so I took it off. C noticed that it was off and picked it up and put it back. He said "You need to keep it on your head, okay?" Then he asked if I needed ice. He said "I think you need some ice for your head." He can be so sweet and helpful too. I guess the kids know quite a bit about my migraines. Sometimes heat really helps and C knows that other times ice works better.

5 - C was crying the first few times I dropped him off at Mother's Day Out. We started praying every night that he wouldn't cry the next time. One day on the way to MDO I asked him if he was going to cry that day. He said "No, I prayed about it the other day." As if it was settled since he prayed about it! And he hasn't cried since! We're so proud of him. :)


  1. It sounds like you are raising wonderfully thoughtful children! And the story about your children with the elephant for your belly is adorable.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Aw! How far along are you now? I love that they are kissing your belly! So cute! LOL on #2! OH MY GOODNESS- I prayed about it. I love it. Priceless laughs!