Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a busy, busy weekend around here!

Thursday night and Friday we had a lot of rain! It was wonderful! I didn't even mind {too much} running errands with the kids in the pouring rain, with no umbrella! It's been a long time since we've had rain and I loved the touch of fall in brought. We are more than ready for fall around here! 

Friday evening J and I went to a friend's Jamberry Nails launch party! It was a lot of fun and both J and I loooove the product. {Check them out here.} Afterwards we ran to Target for a bit but were both SO tired we had to wrap it up and get home to bed. Target is/was having a great sale on kids' room decor stuff. I found some cute sheets for J's bed for just $5! 

  J all ready to go to the nail party with our new umbrella. :)  

Saturday morning the kids and I had more errands to run. Then off to a friend's baby shower that afternoon. The shower was fun and relaxing! I never thought I'd be able to say that with two small kids in tow but they're at easy, fun stages right now. Besides getting them snacks and helping with a couple trips to the bathroom my kids were pretty much on their own for the whole shower. I hardly saw them. They were busy making friends and playing in the play room. {I did find out afterwards that they snuck upstairs for a house tour with a little 6 year old who was there. So maybe I should check on them a little more often. Ha!} I met some new friends and met a friend I had only known through Facebook. Besides the guest of honor and myself there were 2 other pregnant girls there... all of us due within 7 weeks of each other. All three of them are having girls and I still have NO clue what I'm having. It's driving me crazy. Ha! 

Saturday evening we met some new friends at the park for a cook-out. The weather was absolutely perfect and we had a wonderful time! We're hoping to squeeze in a few more cook-outs at the park this fall.

We volunteered in J's room, at church, Sunday morning. I love the room and kids we have. They are such an easy, fun age! Old enough to go to the bathroom on their own and help set up and clean up snacks. They all follow directions pretty well and play nicely together. And they're old enough to understand quite a bit about the Bible stories, songs and crafts. Volunteering in J's room is a breeze and a lot of fun! 

After church we headed to my sister-in-law's and husband's combined birthday party where my husband cooked out for everyone again. We had yummy chicken and fajitas and spent the entire afternoon and evening outside on the patio, next to a pool. At one point C was walking around the pool but wasn't paying attention to where he was going.. he was looking behind him talking to a little friend. My husband and I noticed what was going on and my husband was yelling at him to pay attention when C fell in, fully clothed! My husband jumped up and his phone fell off his lap into the pool! I ran as fast as I could to the other side and grabbed C out of the water. There was a young girl, around 12, swimming in the pool and she was immediately at his side. We all saw that C popped right up and started moving his arms and legs, keeping himself a float for several seconds. We're glad to know the swimming lessons and all the time in the pool seems to have a paid off. It seems like he'll be able to keep himself afloat if something like that should ever happen again. My husband, meanwhile, is without a phone for a few days until his replacement gets in. 

 The kids playing with their cousin before lunch on Sunday. 

So, we had a packed weekend! We're still tired today and have allergies after spending so much time outside over the weekend. It was worth it though. The weather has been beautiful!

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  1. oh thats so good to hear! My girls are so easy right now and we have a shower next weekend haha, just when things get easier, we decide to throw another one into the mix haha