Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Birthday Fun!

We went to a cousin's birthday party a couple weeks ago. The kids had a blast with backyard pony rides!

 The hired pony owner cracked me up with the crazy dreadlocks and outfit!

 There were also little donkeys to pet.

 So cute!

C didn't want to ride the pony at first but I finally got him up there. He was glad he did!

The pony lady gave each child a shiny marble and told them to close their eyes while she sprinkled magic dust (gold glitter) over them. She was quite the character. :) My kids were the only two who seemed to be really intent on closing their eyes tightly and concentrating hard on their wishes. Ha! Cracked me up! They were so excited about the "pixie dust" in their hair. I think they watch Jake & The Neverland Pirates a little too much. :)

The kids were so cute laying side by side during the gift opening. I love how close they are. Always together. :)

 Later on they brought a t-ball tee out. J took a few swings..

But C played with this thing for over an hour! He was getting pretty good by the time we left. I love his concentration face here. :) And he didn't even want to eat dinner, just wanted to back to playing t-ball.. even after dark. It was so cute. Definitely an idea for Christmas this year.

The kids had a great time at the party! Ponies, donkeys, t-ball, goodies and lots of fun!!

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