Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday Top Laughs

1} Last week J wanted Panda Express for dinner. I told her no and she said "But my body is dying for that chicken!" Ha!

2} When we ask C to do something he says "Ay ay captain!" [He watches A LOT of Jake & The Neverland Pirates.]

3} The other day I asked C what we should name that baby if it's a boy. He said "Snuffy." :)

4} C talks a lot about growing up and having a "mom" [wife]. I'm always correcting him that the woman he marries will be his wife, not his mom! Ha! The other day he was talking about growing up and getting married. I asked if he wanted to marry a blonde like mommy or a girl with brown hair like J. He said "A girl with blonde hair! That will make you SO happy!" (Awww!) He went on to say he wants his wife to have "a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of babies!" and "a set of twins like Pig Will and Pig Won't" [characters from Netflix' Busy Town]. C makes me laugh so much!!

5} A few weeks ago I was watching "The Little Couple" on Netflix. J was excited to learn that she's just a little taller than Dr. Jen and her and Dr. Jen wear the same size shoe. After watching several episodes the kids were talking about meeting the little couple and what they will say to them. Ha! I guess they feel like they're old friends after watching their show for a while.

6} Several months ago I was watching a Kardashian show on Netflix (if you haven't guessed we watched A LOT of Netlflix) and C watched most of the episodes with me every night. After we ran out of Kardashian episodes I moved on to an old Jon & Kate Plus Eight show. I had an episode on one day and C pointed to Kate and told J "that's Kate Kar-dash-in" So funny! Maybe he thought all K names were part of the "Kar-dash-in" clan.  :)


  1. Those are darling comments! I'm glad you are keeping track of them! When they happened with my own kids I'd think they were so cute and funny I'd never forget them - but then I did! You are smart!

  2. #1 is my favorite! {Perhaps because I can relate??} Love all these. XOXO

  3. Such a cute collections of sayings and moments...I cherish the ages when Kiddies say what they feel so freely and at times so humorously.. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. So cute! My body is dying for that chicken! That is awesome! Snuffy for a boy name- that is awesome! I love #1 but all are so cute!!!!