Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Thursday morning I had my second glucose test while the kids were in school. I got sick during my first test and had to retake it. Luckily I made it through this time! And I assume I've passed since I haven't heard back from them. After my appointment I was starving and headed to McKinley's for a yummy sandwich and a Berkley cookie. Their Berkley cookies are to die for. My husband and I LOVE these cookies. Definitely my all time favorite. Their lunches aren't too bad either. :)

 Afterwards I went up to the kids' school for their Thanksgiving lunch. Here is J being silly with the girls from her class. Her class wore pilgrim hats.

 C's class next door wore the indian hats.

 One of the moms from C's class made these cute little snowmen out of potatoes. The kids loved them!

 J and her class right before it was time to go home. I spent my time running between both kids' classes.

 J drew this picture of our baby in her Spanish class as the thing/person she is most thankful for. So sweet!! :)

 The kids are always putting stickers on my belly for the baby. It's annoying but so sweet and adorable at the same time. :) (Excuse my old brown shirt.. my "at home wardrobe" is kind of limited at this point.)

 Saturday the kids and I went to a birthday party for a little boy in J's class. It was freezing outside so it was nice to get out of the house and let the kids run off some energy at the party. They had tons of fun bouncing in the bounce house and running around.

 C looked so sweet napping Saturday afternoon. It's been gray and overcast and so cold the past several days. Wonderful napping weather!

 Saturday night C enjoyed a warm bubble bath while the husband and J were out grocery shopping. It's starting to become a ritual.. one kid goes grocery shopping with daddy on Saturday night and the other stays home for a bubble bath in our big tub.

 C was so cold after his bath. He sat like this and watched a movie for a while.

 Saturday night J fell asleep wearing a new winter hat. :)

And C fell asleep wearing his Monster eyes on the way to church Sunday. :)

Sunday morning the husband and I volunteered in J's class. I know I've said it before I love the age she's at. Four and five year olds are so much fun and getting to be so independent. We really don't have to "work" in their class but just sit back and enjoy the kids. And the kids (especially the girls) are always anxious to help pick up, clean the table, pass out snacks. It's so cute!

We always pass C and his 3 year old class on our way to and from the big room with J's class. He's turning into such a big boy. At the beginning of the year (Sept.) he would cry when he saw us but now he just calmly waves and carries on. Because of the cold weather most of the kids played in the indoor playground on Sunday. We saw C all alone sitting on a bench beside his teacher while the dozens of other kids ran around playing. We correctly guessed that all the noise and all the kids were overwhelming to him. We think he has a bit of scensory issues going.. nothing major.. but loud noises and lots of activity can definitely get to him.

The kids all learned about "being thankful" in their classes on Sunday. As soon as we picked C up he ran over to each of us (me, the husband and J) and hugged us and said "I'm thankyou for you!" Then he ran back to me and hugged my belly and said "And I'm thankyou for you too baby!" Melt my heart. It was the sweetest thing ever and I love the way he says thankyou for instead of thankful for. :)

We had a lazy, lazy Sunday afternoon at home. We did get our Christmas tree up. I still need to put out a few more decorations and I need to clean house. With the weather being so cold and overcast I've been feeling very lazy lately. Being pregnant doesn't help. I feel like I'm always exhausted and the house has been a total wreck for days. :/ I did manage to get the baby's dresser set up last week. It's fun seeing things come together for our new arrival! I'm hoping to get my diaper bag, a stroller and a few other things in the next couple weeks. I'm 30 weeks now so I'm hoping that means just 8 more weeks since my other 2 were born at 38 weeks. Of course, this one has been a little more stubborn so who knows.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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