Wednesday, February 19, 2014

catching up

Well, miss S has been here for a month already and my head is just starting to come out of the fog. She's a really good baby but having a new baby is always an adjustment especially when you have other children. The first couple weeks I was in the typical just-had-a-baby/still in pain/sleep deprived fog then my husband went back to work and C has been CRAZY as heck for a couple weeks. Poor guy. He was the baby for 3 1/2 years and he's a typical hyperactive little boy and he's just trying to figure out his new place in the family. On top of that we decided to kick him out of our bed and into his own room about the time we brought the new baby home. Bad idea. And the kids just switched from two days of day mother's day out to one day so they haven't been getting out of the house so much. Anyway, C has been driving me out of my ever loving mind the last couple weeks. He's not a particularly naughty kid.... he's just very, very, very active especially when it's cold out and he's stuck inside for days at a time. He also wants to "help" with the baby but that means smoothering her with hugs and kisses, frantically shaking her toys two inches in front of her face, jamming her binky into her mouth.. things like that. He tries to be gentle but a three year old boy's idea of gentle is a little different at times. When the baby was first born we were staying home quite a bit since it was pretty cold out and flu season was in full swing. So we all had cabin fever and I was going through the typical postpartum hormonal crap that I always go through. Thankfully that seems to be over since I'm not breastfeeding and know what to do to prevent the PPD that I've gone through before. I feel SO much better emotionally, this time around, than I felt right after I had my other two. Thank goodness!!

Anyway, we had a few rough weeks of adjustments but things have really started looking up this week. The weather has been really nice and I realized we need to start getting out of the house to save our sanity. We went to my mom's for the day on Monday. I didn't sleep really well the night before so baby S and I took a long two hour nap together while my mom took the big kids outside to play. C was a different boy while we were there. I really think he just needed to get out and do something different. And going to grandma's is always the best! On Tuesday the big kids went to MDO and baby S and I met a childhood friend of mine who was visiting from out of town. It was great to catch up! Tuesday afternoon the kids and I took a nice little walk to the playground. Today, by some miracle, the big kids played beautifully together all morning and I hardly heard any arguing at all. So, things are looking up. Getting out and about has really helped! We want to get to the museum later this week and if the nice weather keeps up we'll try to get outside some more too! We're definitely ready for spring around here!!

I'm way behind on posting. As soon as I upload my pictures I'll try to post more pics and updates of our sweet baby. I can't believe she's a month already!


  1. This, is my fear! Our youngest will be turning 3 right after baby comes and I'm a little afraid of what she'll be like with a new little one in the house! SCARY!!

  2. Getting out of the house and having nice weather really does make all the difference in our mood!! It's just better for everyone, right? Glad to hear things are finally getting better, and that you don't have PPD this time. What a blessing! {I had that, too.} XOXO