Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One Month Old!

Okay, this post is a month late since baby girl just turned two months old. This is what I wrote down a month ago on another blog that I keep.

February 16, 2014

Our sweet baby girl is a month old today. This past month has gone by both quickly and slowly. I want to savor these days and remember each moment.

Before she was born I knew baby S would be a gentle and sweet little soul. I knew she'd be an easy, relaxed and mild baby. Even at her 16 week sonogram her movements were slow and relaxed and serene. Since her birth my predictions have proven to be true. She is very sweet and mild and relaxed. She's a wonderful baby.

Even though she's an easy, good baby I'm still adjusting to life with a new baby and being a mother of three. I'm tired all the time.. exhausted half the time. I think a lot of it's just trying to get back to normal physically and hormonally. A lot of it's trying to adjust to new sleep patterns. Even though baby S sleeps well for a newborn I'm still waking up at least once a night, most nights for about an hour or so. Trying to juggle three kids.. one of whom is a very high energy three-year-old boy.. is also exhausting. So, it's no wonder I'm beyond tired.

When we stay at home all day baby S is pretty much on a nice little schedule. She wakes up around 8 for her first bottle of the day and a diaper change. Then she'll lay on my bed to look around and stretch. I'll usually set her toys around beside her and give her her binky and she'll lay like that for quite a while while I get breakfast for the big kids and for myself. After that I'll bring her to the living room to lay on the couch or on the floor in her boppy pillow. She loves to look at her toys or just gaze around at whatever room she is in. She also loves the TV. She likes to sit on the floor, in her boppy pillow, and "watch TV" while dozing off. It's so cute. She spends the morning "playing" and dozing. Then she'll have a bottle around lunch time and usually take a nice long nap afterwards. Then more "playtime" and dozing off in the evenings. She has lots of little catnaps during the days where she dozes off into a light sleep but normally only has one really long, deep nap during the day unless we're out and about. If we're in the car and/or she's in her carseat quite a bit then she tends to sleep a lot more. At night she has a bottle right before bed.. even if it hasn't been 3 hours since her last bottle.. then we swaddle her (below her arms) and put her down. She seems to know when it's bed time and goes into a nice deep sleep. She loves her little Sleep Sheep sound machine and sometimes stirs or fusses when it goes off. And she sleeps so well in her Rock N Play just like C did. And she loves bath time unless she gets too cold. As long as you keep the warm water on her she loves her bath time. It's so cute! When she was born she had really, really dry skin. I've found that Johnson & Johnson baby lotion and Johnson & Johnson baby oil work really good and getting rid of the dry skin. Her skin is really soft and nice now. You can tell her eyes are focusing a lot better and she's even started to really smile in the past couple days. It's so sweet! She's also started reaching out to touch her toys in the last couple weeks. And she can hold her head a bit. The first time I laid her on her tummy she even pushed up on her elbows and turned her head to face the other side.. this was probably when she was 2 or 3 weeks old. When she wants her binky she starts frantically waving her hand by her mouth. It's the cutest thing ever and so smart! She's done this since about a week or two old!

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