Thursday, March 27, 2014

Two Months!!!

Miss S turned two months on March 16th!

At her two month appointment on the 24th she weighed in at 11 lbs. 10 oz. Her birth weight was 8 lbs. 14 oz. so she's gained quite a bit!

She did great getting all her vaccines at her 2 month appointment!!

Little Miss really started cooing and smiling at around 6 weeks old. Sweetest thing ever! She's just adorable. :)

She's still a very calm, easy going, laid back little baby. She loves to sleep and sleeps very well at night. None of my babies have been great nappers which is a little annoying but as long as they sleep well at night I can't complain. :)

She's wearing size 0-3 clothes. Most of her 0-3 pants or leggings are still a little big though. She's wearing size 1 Pampers. And drinking 4 oz of formula every three hours or so except when she's sleeping.

She just started sitting up in her Bumbo and seems to like it. She's also really starting to enjoy her playmat. She loves being worn in the Moby Wrap but I don't put her in it very often. I can't have her getting to used to the idea. :) She loves bath time and I have a feeling she's going to love the pool this summer! She also loves being outside. (She was so calm and happy at the Dallas Arboritum last week.) And she seems to really enjoy being out and about.. shopping, church.. wherever there are new sites to see. She's generally quiet and calm in the car too and goes to sleep in the car pretty often. She does get a little nervous around her siblings.. particularly 3 yr old C. He means well but gets a little intense around her. Baby S seems to prefer C when he keeps his distance and just looks at her and talks quietly. She does like J a lot though. J is calmer and more of a help. Baby S smiles at her siblings and us (her parents) a lot. I think she's starting to recognize my mom too.

We love little Baby S so much! She's such a sweet little joy to have around. We really couldn't ask for a sweeter, calmer, happier baby. Sure she has her moments but over all she's been very, very easy and already a lot of fun!

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