Friday, September 8, 2017

Back To School

School started on August 28th. The kids are loving it so far! J is in third grade and C just went into first for the second time. He has a very, very late summer birthday. I was really torn on sending him to kindergarten just a few days after he turned 5 but he did great in kinder. Then last year in first he struggled with reading and his teacher felt he was a lot younger socially than his classmates and really recommended letting him go through first again. We understood and agreed completely. He accepted it well and moving across country was the perfect timing. I would've hated to hold him back at his previous school where he would've watched all his former classmates and friends move on to second while he was in first again. But out here he was able to start over and begin first with a whole new set of kids. 

Out here they have school spirit rocks that parents can reserve to paint for birthdays. C's birthday was late August and the school had reserved the rock for the first week but I was able to get it for the second week. J and I had a lot of fun painting it last weekend! C wanted Dallas Cowboy colors so we used silver/grey and navy!   

J was super excited to join Girls On The Run this year! I'm so excited for her and even started running myself! Getting your daughter involved in running kind of motivates you too! We already started jogging a bit together. Her practice starts in a couple weeks and she'll practice 2 afternoons a week. Their big 5K is in early December. I'm so happy for her to be involved with this! We stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods yesterday where Girls On The Run had a table set up. J was able to enter a $20 drawing, grab a few freebies and have her pic made with this cute frame! 

S is a future member of Girls On The Run ha!

C is hoping to start karate soon. He's had one trial class which he loved! That definitely needs something to get his energy out and can use the self-discipline martial arts will offer.

J and S will both start a free dance class next week. It's a free class connected to local churches. They'll have classes one afternoon a week and recitals at some point. I'm really excited for them! This is the first regular class S will attend. It will be so fun to watch her!

I've been trying to find free or cheap activities for these kids. A lot of places are hosting free trial classes right now. S had a free class Tuesday morning from 9 to 12. She had a lot of fun doing art, singing, playing with Play Doh, meeting new friends, reading books and even doing a little yoga! The next afternoon J and C had a free 45 minute art class at the same location.

We've been really busy getting into our new fall routine! It's nice to have a routine again and I think we're all really excited to experience fall out here with all the trees. It's certainly a different landscape than Texas!

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