Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Busy week!

We've already had a super busy week!

Sunday night we started getting a lot of rain and wind from Hurricane Irma. It rained all day Monday too. A tree fell on a home not far from us but thankfully there wasn't too much damage around here.

Monday morning I got up to the gym for the first time since July! I was proud of myself for walking on the treadmill for over an hour with a bit of running in between.

After school J had her first run club meeting. She loved it and is looking forward to meeting again Thursday! After we picked J up from run club C had his first karate class. He had so much fun! I think this will be great for him! We were a little late so he didn't get to pick up his uniform until after class.

Tuesday morning J had an orthodontist appointment to have spacers put in. I think it was a little more painful than she expected but she did great! Afterwards I stopped by the chiro for a quick adjustment, swung by the house to give J some Tylenol, then dropped her off at school. The little girls and I ran to Wal-Mart for a few things before coming home for lunch and a nap/quiet time.

L enjoyed reading books on the little chairs in the toddler area at the orthodontist and I was excited to bring out fall clothes for the first time this season!

Poor C was riding his scooter down the hill yesterday and crashed. When I looked up and saw him his face was on the road and his legs were in the air! :( He scraped his right elbow really bad and doesn't even want to move his arm very much right now so he skipped karate this afternoon. His elbow is scraped up in the exact spot he broke his arm last year. A few weeks ago he fell down the stairs and hurt the same arm/elbow. It was all swollen and I was worried he had broken it again. It finally started feeling a lot better but now he had to go and fall on that arm again and get it all scraped up. Poor guy! I don't think it's broken or anything.. just a terrible scrape but we're keeping an eye on it.

Yesterday evening I was really looking forward to my first yoga class. S wanted to go with me to play in the daycare. She packed an apple up in a baggy for her snack and ran out the door with me ha! About 10 minutes into yoga class the instructor's son got sick so she had to leave. I was disappointed but just walked on the treadmill for about half an hour instead before coming home. I'm looking forward to trying yoga again next week!

This morning I planned to stay home and work on the overflowing pile of laundry but needed to run a couple errands. Being in a new school, in a new state, the big kids need medical check-ups with paperwork returned to school before the end of the month. I've been putting it off for weeks but finally got up to the pediatrician's office this morning to turn in piles of medical release forms and new patient forms and make appointments for all the kids.

S fell asleep in the car this morning and as soon as we pulled in the driveway and I unbuckled L she ran to the back and whispered for S to wake up! They are so cute together and usually really sweet to each other. :) 

I tried this powdered coffee drink from Wal-Mart this afternoon! It was amazing!

After school today J and S had their first dance class at a local church. They had a lot of fun and are looking forward to going every week! It's a Christian based, free program run by volunteers and sponsored through donations and fundraisers. They have devotions during each class as well as dance lessons. C, L and I hung out in the parents meeting to hear all about the program and activities planned for the coming year. The kids are excited about skate night fundraiser coming up in October!

I'm looking forward to MOPS tomorrow morning and I know the little girls will enjoy playing with other kids for a couple hours too!

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