Friday, September 7, 2018

our busy week

We've had a busy, busy week around here! Last Friday night we
 had one of our Sip N' Dips at the pool. I served ice cream while 
the kids swam and J kept an eye on them. 

Last Sunday I volunteered in Mar's fourth grade class during service. This was
my first time to volunteer in her class at this church. It was fun to help out and
hang out with her class for a couple hours! 

We had a lazy Labor Day. We stayed home all morning and early afternoon and 
got a few things done around here then went to the pool for a while that afternoon.

 Tuesday was the monthly Lego event at the library.
The three little ones had a lot of fun playing with Legos for an hour while Mar read and finished
up some school work in the quiet room nearby. It's only our second week of 
homeschool but she's loving it so far! 

 Wednesday morning I worked in childcare at church for a few hours during women's
Bible study. Mar went with the older kids to the homeschool room while the little girls 
were in the toddler room and I worked in the nursery. I got to hold a tiny, little baby! So 
sweet.. I miss that age!

Thursday morning was the MOPS kick-off meeting for the season. I almost
didn't sign up this time with everything else we have coming up for the fall but I'm 
glad I decided to go ahead. It's always encouraging and a lot of fun! 

Thursday afternoon we went to our first sensory story time at the library. 
The library will be hosting sensory story time every Thursday this fall! I'm so excited! 
I think this will be really good for Indie with her sensory issues. Siblings
are welcome to attend too and even Sol enjoyed it! The kids heard two stories, 
a song, got to hold stuffed animals, play with sensory toys and play with a
 parachute. Indie was afraid of the parachute..
[to be expected] but it's a good environment for her to be introduced 
to new things at her own pace. 

This morning Indie had a her first occupational therapy session
here at home. She did great but I could tell she was getting tired
of it all and a little overwhelmed by the time the hour was up. She 
worked with puzzles, a lighted peg board, a cupcake/puzzle toy and 
one of those bouncy balls you sit and bounce around on. I was 
really impressed that she actually got on the ball and let the therapist
bounce her around a bit. She certainly didn't love it but it's a good
start. Next week we may try a tunnel and another parachute. 

 Thursday evening the kids and I packed a dinner to eat by the pool. We were there for about
three hours. I've been cleaning to pool house the last few weeks. I usually clean on Friday mornings before my husband leaves for work at 11 but decided to clean Thursday evening this week since Indie's appointment was this morning. I was able to clean  
while that kids swam and we were there until dark. Our pool closes for the season next
weekend so we're trying to enjoy a few more swims while we can!

On a completely different subject I put the older kids in a family study through a college program when they were little. I took them up there a couple times while they were "studied" by students. Since then I'll answer an occasional questionnaire to keep them updated on the kids. It's pretty basic but I always get an Amazon gift card after completing the questionnaire. I've been wanting a journal Bible for awhile and just ordered this one tonight with my gift card. I'm really excited to get it! I think journal Bibles are such a great idea! 

Tomorrow I'll be working in childcare at church again. This time I'll be up there all day while
several parents are in a class. So J will be here at home with our four while
I'm gone. I'm hoping he'll work on my honey-do list a bit while I'm out ha! 

I was really excited to do a review on Mabel's Labels this week! 
You can check out my review and get a coupon code here!
And I have another fun review coming up soon! 

I'm linking up with Friday Favorites and High Five For Friday today! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!