Monday, September 17, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up, Hurricane Flo & ER Trip

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Our weekend started off pretty relaxing and ended on a crazy note but we're all good now! 

The little girls had fun at sensory story time again last Thursday afternoon.
It was official dot day so they got to paint dots on a sheet of paper before we left. 

I think this pic was Friday evening as the rain from Hurricane Flo started to come in. We spent last week preparing for worst case scenario... buying plenty of water, candles, batteries and snacks. We felt like we were overdoing it (turns out we were) but wanted to be prepared just in case we lost electricity and/or were stuck at home for a few days with flooding or downed trees blocking the roads, etc. Thankfully none of that happened in our area. Saturday we had a steady rain but nothing extreme. Sunday we had some wind and heavier rains but nothing serious. We even left the house Saturday and Sunday with no issues. Areas closer to Charlotte and further south saw more damage and lost electricity. And I can't even imagine what those on the coast went through/are going through. Sadly at least 17 people lost their lives and one child was swept away in flood waters. My heart and prayers go out to those effected by the storm.


We spent all day Saturday here at home except when J ran out to pick up Chinese food for dinner. After dinner we played a round of Skip-Bo while my husband kept an eye 
on a game on TV ha! 

 Sunday morning I had to get out of the house. I'm glad Starbucks was open! I took "Alex" and "Indie" with me and we stopped by Food Lion for a few things on the way home. 

 Poor "Sol" threw up Friday night and again Saturday afternoon. I think she probably ran a low grade fever too. We wanted to buy her something at Food Lion to cheer her up. They don't carry toys at this store so we spent $3 on gumball machine toys lol! She was thrilled with them though and they kept her occupied for quite a while. :) 


Sunday evening J picked up KFC for dinner and we noticed "Indie" didn't touch a thing on her
plate which isn't typical for her. She usually eats every bite.. especially something like KFC.. so I wondered if she was coming down with the virus Sol had but she didn't feel feverish or anything.

After dinner the older kids started getting things out to make slime. "Indie" was sitting in a chair next to them at the table when she fell off the chair and landed with a loud thud, hitting her head on the wall near the baseboard. She didn't make a sound and as I scooped her up we realized she was unconscious and having a seizure! We assumed she fell first and the fall caused her to have a seizure and become unconscious so we all raced out the door and headed straight to the ER in the pouring rain. She continued seizing in the car and didn't regain consciousness until I ran into the ER with her. At that point she started coming out of it a bit and started throwing up all over me and everything else. I was so relieved to see her doing something.. even throwing up! 

She attempted to smile in this pic.. sweet baby.

They took her straight back, put a neck brace on her due to her fall and went straight in for a CAT scan. When they took her temp it was 103. At the point they realized she started having the febrile seizure first which caused her to fall. Such a relief! Although it was terrifying it was so much better than if a fall had caused the seizures, vomiting and unconsciousness. We stayed in the ER for about 2-2.5 hours where they did several unpleasant tests on poor Indie but she was a trooper. All her scans, x-rays, urine, blood samples etc came back clear and we were able to go back home around ten yesterday evening. 

Sleeping in the ER

She had two febrile seizures back to back last December. After that scare I thought I was prepared for any future febrile seizures but the combined fall on this one completely threw us off. I thought last Decembers seizures were terrifying but the one last night was even scarier! We're just so thankful she's okay!! She's on anti-nausea meds right now so she can keep Tylenol and Motrin down to keep her temp from going crazy and causing another seizure until the virus runs it's course. It's crazy how different our kids are from each other. "Sol" threw up 2 times... about 18 hours apart and probably ran a low grade fever but came through it easily with no issues. "Indie" catches the same virus and ends up having a seizure and going to the ER before we even realize she's sick! 
She definitely keeps us on our toes! 


Several nearby schools are closed today but "Alex's" school just opened 2 hours late. Today has been
dry with a lot of sunshine! It's so good to see the sun again! The girls and I have had a pretty lazy day at home. "Mar" finished up all her schoolwork early today and I have the rest of her school work all ready for the rest of the week. I'm still trying to get the hang of this homeschool thing and figure out a good schedule. Working on school work in the morning works best for us but then we have things going on some mornings that have thrown us off a bit. I'm glad we can be flexible with homeschool. Since we'll be out two mornings this week I've combined Wednesday and Thursday
work for her this week.

Our crazy busy week really kicks off tomorrow. I *think* "Indie" has occupational therapy here at home in the morning. I need to double check on that and figure out if she's well enough.
And I need to clean the neighborhood pool house tomorrow morning.. one last time before it's all closed up for the year. So bittersweet. Then "Mar" has her first Girls On The Run tomorrow
afternoon! She's really excited about that! "Alex" has his second Trail Life meeting
tomorrow evening.

Wednesday I'm volunteering in childcare at church again during
women's Bible study... as long as my crew is all better of course. Wednesday afternoon
is dance.

MOPS is Thursday morning with Girls On The Run in the afternoon, picking up
neighbor kids and going to the library for sensory story time.

Friday morning is free, I think, but I may volunteer at the school book fair.
Saturday the guys will go camping and the little girls start soccer! (Weather permitting)
We have a neighborhood sale on Saturday but looks like I won't be able to cram that in.
Sunday I'm volunteering in "Sol's" four-year-old class during service and we have
Life Group that afternoon. I'm tired just thinking of all this ha!

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  1. I'm glad you escaped the storm, but sorry to hear about the ER visit! I hope she's feeling better now.