Friday, September 21, 2018

Fall Bucket List

It still feels like summer outside but I'm really ready for fall!
 I'm linking up with Girl Chat and High Five For Friday sharing my Fall Bucket List! 

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Carmel apples are always at the top of my list!! I've managed to stay away from them so far 
this year you can bet I'll be buying some soon! 

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Going to the mountains is also at the top of our list! We've lived in NC for over a year now and still haven't taken a family trip to the mountains. We plan to go to Asheville for the day in October. I know the trees will be breathtaking! 

{Roba family farm, image via Google}

I'd like to take a family trip to a farm or pumpkin patch. It's seems like a few of us go every year either with a moms group or on a fieldtrip but I think it would be fun to go as a family! My kids love hayrides, petting the animals and picking out their own pumpkins. 

Taking tons of photos is always a must! Fall is the perfect time for outdoor pictures!
Here's Indie almost a year ago.. right around her 2nd birthday. 

And all the girls last fall at a display downtown. 

* * * * * 

Fall décor. I don't have nearly as much as I'd like but I do love decorating for each season. 
Here are a few things I'd love to pick up this year! 

I love how this throw pillow is fall-ish while still being neutral. 

Mini white pumpkins made a great vase filler. I'm loving white pumpkins white now!

This dried wheat wreath would be cute on my living room wall.

And the white pumpkins would also look pretty cute in this tray!

* * * * * 

Besides going to the mountains and visiting a farm or pumpkin patch I know we'll want to spend as
much time outdoors as possible! We love going to parks and having picnics by the lake! 

The guys are heading out to go camping in the mountains tomorrow with some 
friends! Perfect way to kick off fall! I'm hoping it'll be a little cooler up there for 
them that it's been down here.