Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Life Lately & Weightloss Goals

 We're so glad it's finally feeling like fall around here! 

We had a yard sale Saturday. It wasn't great but at least we sold a few things 
and the kids had fun with their lemonade stand!And the weather was absolutely 
perfect so sitting outside was actually enjoyable! 

Sunday I skipped church while J took the kids. Every once in a while I'll skip
church when I just need time at home, alone, to unwind. I don't like to skip 
often but I am SO refreshed whenever they all get back home. I took a long bath,
did my Bible study and just relaxed. 

Sunday afternoon we went to life group for Bible study. 
We meet every week and really enjoy it! 

Monday was a super lazy day! The girls and I had stayed home all day until 
it was time to pick up Alex from school. 
We loaded up the puppy, picked up Alex and went to the dog park and 
play ground to meet friends after school.

My friend took this pic of Indie. She's getting so big.. look at those long legs!
Almost too big for the baby swing. I can't believe she'll be 3 next week!  

 My friend also took this pic of her little boy pushing Sol on the swing. So cute ha! 

Tuesday afternoon we stopped by the library after school. They were having a touch and feel
Halloween contest in the kids area. My kids had fun with that! (Some of those things felt so 
gross... like the tomatoes they called "hearts". Ew!) My kids didn't guess many of them
correctly but each got to pick 2 pieces of candy and bring home a book to keep! 

 Tuesday evening the girls and I walked around Target while Alex was at 
Trail Life down the road. I forgot my wallet which was probably a good thing ha! 

This morning Mar was sitting on the floor doing school work and Indie joined her. :)
Indie loves to do her "homework" too.. aka scribbling on paper. 

Today was supposed to be pretty busy with co-op and dance but we
ended up skipping both and had another lazy day at home. 
Indie was fighting a fever yesterday so we skipped co-op this morning. 
She seems fine now but felt feverish yesterday afternoon and 
during the night last night. I'm starting to panic a bit, again, 
every time she feels feverish since her febrile seizures have caught 
us off guard in the past. It doesn't help that she seems to catch everything
 much quicker, and worse, than her siblings do. Thankfully she seems 
fine now but I'm going to put all the kids, 
on a good multi-vitamin and elderberry.

We skipped dance today because Mar went to a new homeschool
 friend's house this afternoon instead.  I know they had a great time playing 
with American Girl dolls and painting! 
I've heard others worry about "socialization" of homeschoolers but
I have to say Mar's social life is busier than ever since starting
homeschool! She's actually a little overbooked on activities this fall.. 

 Alex and Indie helped clean out the van this afternoon. It was WAY overdue for a 
good cleaning and we wanted it nice and clean for my mom who's coming in to
town tomorrow evening. 

 Indie was so excited to help clean the van for her grandma! :) 

Sol just LOVES this Ninja Turtle some neighbor's have up in their yard.
She wanted her picture with it on our walk this afternoon. Yep, lazy days means she's wearing
yesterday's clothes again today ha! And I love that she wears rainboots rain or shine! 

I have MOPS tomorrow morning and then my mom is coming in tomorrow 
evening and staying for 2 weeks!! We're all looking forward to seeing her again!

Indie has her last OT appointment with her current therapist, 
here at home, Friday morning. 
She ages out next week when she turns 3 and we have her scheduled to start with a 
private therapist next week. We're going to miss her sweet therapist but know private
therapy in an outside environment will be really beneficial too. 

My mom, Mar and I are headed to Nest Fest on Saturday ! I started reading The Nester several years ago when I lived in Texas but somehow missed that she lives in North Carolina! I didn't realize she lives less than an hour away until we moved out here last year. We even have several mutual friends and acquaintances. Small world! Looks like some fun vendors will be at Nest Fest along with food trucks and a few bands! I know it will be a fun girls days out! I think a few friends from church
are planning to be there as well. I'm hoping it doesn't rain but I'm sure we'll have fun regardless! 

On another subject: The girls and I had fun trying on sunglasses at Target last night! 
They wanted me to take a few pictures. I love hanging out with my girls and love making 
memories but have to say I'm not at all happy with the way I'm looking, or feeling, lately. 
Too many sweet, sugary coffee drinks = heaviest I've ever been when not pregnant. 
I know it's time to make some changes! 

I tried 3 sample packs of Revital U coffee a few weeks ago and LOVED the energy it 
gave me and how it curbed my appetite.  I wasn't even craving my usual two to 
three DAILY iced, sugary sweet coffee drinks at all and had great energy all day!
I just got my first month's supply of Revital U in the mail today and can't wait to get started! 
I know of several people who've lost 20+ pounds on this! I'm not selling this stuff.. just 
really loved the samples I tried and can't wait to use it every day!

I also plan to start eating better (cutting down on sugar and carbs!) 
and I already know that a daily work-out and drinking lemon water both 
work great for my metabolism! My goal is to be down 25 lbs by Christmas!! 
I'll actually be happy if I lose even 10-15 but need to aim high! I do know just 
losing inches makes a huge difference too! We'll see how it goes.
This is way outside my comfort zone but I want to blog about my 
progress on a weekly basis to hold myself accountable!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Let me know if you've tried Revital U 
and how you like it! 


  1. Simon has a fever today too. I hope Indie is ok! I need to cut down on sugar and carbs too. It's so hard!

  2. My oldest son had febrile seizures and seemed to get everything more often and more severe than his siblings; they are so scary! I hope everyone remains healthy for you.