Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Real Kids Shades

 The kids are really enjoying their new sunglasses from Real Kids Shades!

Each pair of sunglasses came in a reusable pouch and each child received a cute little plush emoji
they can attach to a backpack or book bag. 

 The little girls both wanted to try the Breeze Kids Sunglasses For Girls.

Even though Indie isn't quite 3 yet she's big for her age so I went ahead and ordered
her the kids glasses,for ages 4-6, instead of the toddler sunglasses, for ages 2-3,
and they fit her perfectly!

Sol chose the aqua & pink while Indie wanted the cherry pink & lime! 
Both girls are thrilled with their new sunglasses! They stay on very nicely,
 have nice dark lenses and have held up very well! 

 Alex chose the Storm Polarized Sunglasses For Youth, in red. He loves them!
He says the lenses are darker and the glasses fit better than other
sunglasses he's had in the past!

  Mar chose the awesome color changing Switch Sunglasses For Youth in
pink/light pink! She really loves the color changing aspect!! The glasses
are light pink indoors and turn darker pink in the sun. She also says the
 lenses are nice and dark and the glasses fit better than other 
sunglasses she's had in the past. 

I was able to try out the Screen Shades For Adults (pictured above)
and absolutely LOVE them! I chose blue for something fun and different 
and I'm actually wearing them right now. They make a HUGE difference.
I didn't realize how much I was squinting and straining my eyes while looking
at the screen until I tried these glasses. As a migraine sufferer I think they may even
help reduce the amount of migraines I get, in the long run. They also work
great when I'm using my phone for a long period of time. My husband loves
them too and wants to get a pair for himself. Honestly, I just can't tell you
how much I love these! I had no idea what I was missing until I tried them!
Eventually I'd like to get a pair for each of the kids, as well,
 to help protect their eyes while they're young.

We would definitely recommend Real Kids Shades for kids' sunglasses and Screen Shades!

*I worked with Real Kids Shades on this post but all opinions are my own 
and not swayed by outside sources*

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