Saturday, November 3, 2018

L turns THREE!

The night before her birthday. Her last picture as a 2 year old... Aww.... 

She wanted a Minnie Mouse cake so I threw this together. We ended up having cake and 

opening gifts around 10 o'clock at night ha! With Alex in school during the day and J 

working late it was hard to find time for everyone to be together. 

* * * * * 

At three years old L is: 

 Outgrowing 3T, wearing mostly 4T and even some 5T. 

 Going into size 8 toddler shoes. 

Talks like crazy and uses sentences. She still has her own little pronunciation 

of most words and sometimes we're the only ones who can understand her.

And sometimes I need one of her siblings to translate because I have no idea. Ha! 

She loves peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. LOVES sweets, candy 

and chocolate milk. She will try almost all new foods! 

She loves her baby dolls more than anything! She also loves puzzles, 

Legos, Play-Doh, playing with and sorting small objects.

She loves to help out and has the sweetest, most caring 

little personality. 

She still isn't potty trained. I trained my older 3 the week they turned

three but I'm giving her a little more time. We've started working on

it and will get there soon enough. She did get her first pack of Minnie

Mouse undies which she carried around the entire day after we

bought them haha! 

I'm not sure how much she weighs or how tall she is... I'll try to measure and

weigh her later today. 

L loves playing with friends and going to childcare at church!

She loves being outdoors and generally loves swinging on park swings.

Daniel Tiger is still her all time favorite show. 

Last Saturday we took her to Claire's to get her ears pierced! Honestly, I was expecting a 

huge meltdown and wouldn't have been surprised if we left with no piercings but L 

completely surprised me and did amazing! (Pretty sure her hair wasn't combed

in any of these photos.. oops.) 

There were a couple times when I could tell she was about to get upset

but we kept talking to her and kept her calm. We had two associates pierce

both ears at the same time so that really helped. She screamed for a second

and that was it. And she got to pick out a little Beanie Boo afterwards. 

The only pic I actually got of one of her piercings. 

In typical L fashion she about gave me a heart attack when she pulled a shopping cart 

over on top of her and fell flat on her back in the Dollar Tree a few days after her 

birthday. Amazingly she was just fine! The clerk said she's also in nursing school or

 something so she scooped her right up, checked her over, calmed her down, 

let her ring up a few items to and gave her some icecream.

L was Minnie Mouse on Halloween! She sat in the stroller almost the

entire time we were trick or treating which was a huge change from

last year when she was running about and would hardly stay in her stroller. 

I think she was just tired this year. Despite my attempts to monitor her 

candy intake this year she had WAY too much (too much for her) candy on 

Halloween and we're still dealing with the side effects of sugar overload. 

Poor baby gets very agitated when she has too much sugar. Still trying to 

figure out what an okay amount is for her. The other kids don't react to sugar 

the way she does so this is new for us. 

We're still dealing with sensory issues on a daily basis but she's doing great in occupational 

therapy! Her new therapist thinks she'll be making great progress in no time! 

I'd like to do a fun, 3 year photoshoot if I can ever find the charger

to my good camera! The camera on my new phone is terrible. This new phone

is kind of a cheap, temporary replacement for the phone that died until I can

upgrade to a decent phone in a few months. Meanwhile, I guess I'll 

have to make do with a lot of grainy, poor quality cellphone pics. :/ I've been

looking for the charger for my good camera for weeks but haven't seen it since

we moved in early June... 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I can't believe my youngest is already three!!