Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Morning with Indie

You can tell Indie Grace doesn't feel good here, poor baby. We had to skip MOPS last Thursday morning so we stayed home and had a lazy day. (We also ate half the donuts I was going to take to MOPs ha!)
Indie wanted to take a warm bath so I let her splash around and play while I got my camera out. I've had my big camera for years but it usually just sits in my camera bag in the back of the closet. I go through phases of taking it out for awhile and trying to learn more about it before I get frustrated and put it away again. But if you've read my blog for long you know I currently have a phone with a really lousy camera. I love to take pictures and take a lot but the lousy camera on my phone has left me frustrated and depressed ha! At this point my big camera is really my only option. I finally found the charger, charged it and decided to get the camera out on Thursday. Some how I managed to get in it on (what I think were) halfway decent settings and got a few cute photos of Indie. I have always wanted to really learn all about photography, get all the fancy add-on lenses and whatnot for my camera and make it a full time hobby. But life gets in the way and I'm super A.D.D. (for real, not just saying that) so it makes it hard for me to focus on one thing for long. I'm pretty much still at square one with the photography thing! Settings, lighting, speed... all that really confuses me and (as you can tell) I don't even know the proper lingo off the top of my head lol! I would really like to try to stick with it and make myself learn this time around. I know practice and consistency are key so I've been trying to take a lot of the pictures the last few days.

You can see Indie is puffy eyed and just not feeling good here but she had a lot of fun playing in the warm bath for awhile.

Side note: I'm just now seeing that her earring was out Thursday morning. Somehow I didn't realize she was missing an earring until late Saturday afternoon. The piercing is all closed up now which means another trip to get it re-pierced. I'm dreading it but she seemed pretty matter-of-fact when I told her she needs to have it done.

Her hair is amazing right after a bath! I use different things on her hair. This time I just sprayed homemade, leave-in conditioner in her hair and gently brushed it out. I need to get a better photo because this one doesn't do it justice.

I asked her how old she is so she held up three fingers on each hand ha! So cute! 

I'm so glad I got this shot. I had just told her that her sisters were on their way to see my mom.
Isn't that a look of surprised mixed with envy? (This was last week when J and the older girls
were in Texas for his grandmother's memorial.)

Definitely not as clear as I wanted, and a little too bright, but I love her smile and sparkly eyes in this one. She was eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch. 

Right before nap time. She's definitely looking sleepy here.

These pics were taken almost a week ago and she is still sick. This is our one child, out of the four, that gets the brunt of everything. It's ridiculous. She's the only one who has had ear infections and needed tubes in her ears. She's the one who gets sick easier and stays sick longer (not to mention febrile seizures) and needs antibiotics to kick it. I've been giving her over the counter meds for days and realized it was time to see the doctor this morning. We just got back and have a prescription ready to pick up. So she should be on the mend soon! Poor baby! 

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